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SnakeBytes, 1/28: Pitcher, Pitcher, Pitcher Edition

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Very Diamondbacks news

Somewhat Diamondbacks news


Barely Diamondbacks news

  • [ThePostGame] Sabermetrician In Exile - The rise and fall of sabermetrics guru Voros McCracken. Didn't know he lives in Surprise and was nearly employed by us. [H/T Nick Piecoro]
  • [NPB Tracker] Byung Hyun Kim Re-emerges - "Byung Hyun Kim is back. The Rakuten Golden Eagles have announced the signing of the Korean righty, who played last season for Orange County of the independent Golden League. Kim will earn $400k and wear 99."
  • [ESPN] Baseball fanatics keep in season in January with SABR Day 2011 - "SABR Day II will be celebrated Saturday in cities across the U.S., Canada, the Caribbean and in a London pub." And, at 10am at Tempe Diablo Stadium, where there will be research presentations and a book raffle. If only I wasn't working. :-(