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SnakePit Giveaway: Free Tickets to History [Baseball and Otherwise]


You might have noted the advert in the side-bar for the Arizona Renaissance Festival. Well, in exchange for that, we've got a bunch of tickets to the event to give away. However, those grumbling that they didn't play baseball in medieval times can be mollified too. Thanks to the kindness and generosity of local company Cabinets by Design, we also have free tickets to the Legends of Baseball game, which takes place in Surprise next month. Both events promise to be entertaining days out for the whole family - and now, promise to be entertaining free days out for the whole family.

More info and details of how to snag your freebies, may be found after the (particularly-historic) jump.

Let's start with the baseball-related side of things. The 25th annual Celebration of Baseball is run by the Arizona Major League Alumni, and takes place at the Surprise Recreation Campus on Sunday February 20th. There's a youth baseball clinic at 11:30am, followed by a Rangers / Royals Celebrity Home Run Derby at 1pm, and then at 2pm, the centerpiece of the day, the Kleven Construction Legends Baseball Game. The list of attendees is pretty lengthy, including 1981 All-Star Ron Davis, Dave Burba, Pat Bourque, Ken Phelps and Larry Young - Robin's brother, whose virtually non-existent Major League career was chronicled previously.

Oh, and D-backs organist, Bobby Freeman, getting his fingers in good working order for the season. Mrs. SnakePit and I will be in attendance - the first time we'll have seen the Surprise complex, regular Cactus League home to the Texas Rangers and Kansas City Royals. It'll be a nice warm-up for the start of 'official' spring training, the following week, and proceeds go to a selection of worthy, baseball related causes. After we've finished there, we'll be heading to the Orpheum Theater to see Spamalot - which is kinda appropriate, since its faux version of history is not dissimilar to that which can be enjoyed at our other giveway...

The Arizona Renaissance Festival. It's the Middle Ages, but only the fun stuff: strolling minstrels, buxom wenches, and jousting, without any of the bad stuff e.g. bubonic plague, burning heretics or the Spanish Inqusition ["Nobody expects the Spanish Inquisition!" Hey, I told you were were going to see Spamalot...] It's definitely a bit of a drive, being located out beyond where the I-60 peters out into one lane in either direction, but there's ample parking [again, not very like the Middle Ages] and a whole bunch of stuff to see, do and - not least - eat. Given admission is normally $20 for adults and $10 for kids, this is verily a mighty value, forsooth.

If you want more sarcasm and Monty Python references, here's our report from the last time we were there, a couple of years ago. From our view, it's probably one of those things that we have a yearning to attend, round about every five years ago, so it's likely a bit soon for us to contemplate a return trip. But we'd still recommend a visit, especially if you've never gone. Because you really haven't lived until you've gnawed down on a turkey leg that's roughly the size of Augie Ojeda...

To get tickets, simply drop me an email - click on my name at the top of the article, and you'll get to my profile, which has the email address. I need to know how many tickets you want (adults + kids) and your address. Simple as that. Vague priority will be given to families, but I don't expect that to be a problem. Limit, four per request, unless I know you: I'm not sure what the secondary ticket market is for the Renaissance Festival, but have no intention of finding out. Offer subject to availability, and likely to close whenever I damn well please.