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SnakeBytes 1/21: The Final Countdown edition

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Talking Stick 7
Talking Stick 7

A month from today, everyone will have assembled at SRF@TS and spring training will be under way. We've almost made it through the winter, folks! Soon, we'll be able to put away the computer games and World Series DVDs, and enjoy almost entirely meaningless games again! Woo-hoo!

To keep you going for the moment, here's some more links 'n' stuff.

Very Diamondbacks-related

Somewhat Diamondbacks related

Not at all Diamondbacks related

  • [] Padres bolster bullpen with Qualls - and we have our first nominee in the "2011 Most Inaccurate Headline" Contest...
  • [Joe Posnanski] The Retirement of Meche - "On Tuesday, Gil Meche finished off his contract in the most unbelievable way — perhaps the most unbelievable finish in major league baseball history: He walked away from the money. He retired, at age 32. He left behind $12.4 million guaranteed that was legally and rightfully his, because he had determined that he could not help the Kansas City Royals anymore." Compare and contrast certain others we could mention....
  • [] Heroes vs. Legends game to benefit Tucson shooting victims - "The opening game of the 2011 Heroes and Legends Tour, scheduled for Tucson's Electric Park on March 12, has been designated as a benefit for victims of the Jan. 8 shooting. Funds raised from the game between former baseball greats and wounded veterans will go to the Christina Green Memorial Fund in memory of the tragedy's youngest fatality, and be earmarked for construction of a park that includes a Little League complex."
  • [] Drinking's part of the game, study finds - "Almost one in 10 sports fans has a blood alcohol content above the legal limit as they exit the stadium after football and baseball games, a study found." Except at Yankee Stadium, where one in 10 has a blood alcohol limt below the legal limit as they enter the park...
  • - And speaking of things that probably seem a good idea only after a lot of alcohol... "This is a formal invite for Brian Wilson to spar me in a legal boxing match in a boxing gym. Any gym he wants any time he wants." I'd pay... oh, a shiny new nickel, to see this happen.