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SnakeBytes, 1/14: Willie Float or Willie Sink?

Well, clearly nothing can stop Arizona now, with Willie Bloomquist signed for the season. The other teams in the league might as well give up and go home, because the NL West is as good as ours. What's that? The title is not decided on the basis of "scrappiness"? Hmm... Must have missed the memo...  Oh, well, it's not as if he'll be keeping anyone younger, cheaper and possibly better off the roster, will he? Will he? Willie? Hello? Is this thing on?

Links seem like a very good idea about now.

Thoroughly D-backs News

  • [] Gibson ready to change Diamondbacks culture - "I don't know how good any team can be or how good we can be." he said. "We're after being able to compete, make the proper play and understanding the game. At the end of the year we can do everything right and not be where we want to be but we certainly want to set that foundation as we move forward."
  • [] Listening, learning built Towers' ladder to top in Arizona - "I think talking is good," he said. "Part of making trades is about developing relationships, and you can't do that through texting. I know we're all busy, but... tou can hear it in their voice whether there's someone they wouldn't move or would move. You can't get that in the text. Texting is very impersonal to me."
  • [FoxSportsArizona] Diamondbacks target Willie Bloomquist - "The D-Backs also are seeking a veteran starting pitcher to bring to spring training and compete for a spot in the rotation or serve as a fallback candidate in case of injury... [Bloomqjuist] would provide outfield depth in the event that tentative starting left fielder Xavier Nady is needed more at first base this season."

Somewhat D-backs News

Not at all D-backs News

  • [] Padres closing in on reliever Qualls - Guess that takes care of the whole "Best bullpen in baseball" thing...
  • [] Bud Selig says owners on 'constructive path' with MLBPA - Major League Baseball and its players' union will begin contract talks soon with none of the rancor and lockout threats that are plaguing the NFL and NBA. "We're on a constructive path," Commissioner Bud Selig said... The two-day gathering, described by Selig as "a non-controversial meeting," wrapped up at a quiet Phoenix-area resort on Thursday.
  • Your Daily Monthly Strasburg: [] Strasburg hopes to throw off a mound in three to four weeks - "I'm well into the rehab process. I have another three or four weeks before I start throwing. Once you start throwing, it's going to be a long process just getting your strength back. I feel great about it. I have a really good feeling I'm going to come back 100 percent."

Finally, I bought my tickets for the first game at the new spring training complex on February 26th. Inevitably, I'm grumbling somewhat about the 30% Ticketbastard fee, but what really disturbed me was one of the security words I had to type in when making the purchase. Just when I thought I'd got over the bullpen trauma of 2010... Thanks a bunch, Ticketmaster!