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Gameday Thread #138: 9/6 vs. Giants


Madison Bumgarner
LHP, 5-4, 3.76


Ian Kennedy
RHP, 9-9, 4.20

A disappointing home series defeat to the Astros, but having swept the Padres last week, we get a chance to do some damage to their nearest rivals, with the Giants now being only one game behind in the NL West on this Labor Day holiday. It'll be the fourth time Kennedy has seen San Franciso this season, with the previous contests resulting in a 1-1 record, and a respectable seven runs in 20.2 innings. We saw Bumgarner [snigger!] back in July, and he got the last laugh, getting the W for seven innings of two-run ball.

Lineup and stuff after the jump.

  1. Stephen Drew ss .273
  2. Ryan Roberts 3b .219
  3. Kelly Johnson 2b .271
  4. Chris Young cf .267
  5. Adam LaRoche 1b .270
  6. Miguel Montero c .277
  7. Brandon Allen lf .429
  8. Gerardo Parra rf .258
  9. Ian Kennedy p .149

No Mark Reynolds in the line-up, his thumb - which apparently has been bothering him for some time - finally proved bad enough to take him out of the line-up. I wonder how longer it's been a problem - it it connected to his .178 average in the last month? Still no Upton, who hasn't seen action for a week - that one is getting to the stage where a DL stint might have been better, especially as we have to run Parra out their against a left-handed starter this afternoon.

I'll be about-ish, but have first got to figure out why, in Wordpress, the table looks perfectly fine in the editor, but the formatting is then hosed in the preview version. It's probably template-related in some way... Anyway, that's why this thread is a little later than usual, should you care.