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AZ SnakePit Fantasy Baseball: Week 22

One more week in Division One before the post-season starts (I think the playoffs in Division One-A start next week, unless I'm mistaken), and the playoff brackets are beginning to take shape. However, there are still open slots available, so things could go down to the wire. Division One-A will follow later.

Division One
AZ SnakePit 3, The Fighting Amish 7
Shoryukens! 5, Moving on Uptons 5
7-2 Offsuiters 7, 3
Blonde Streaks 7, Balco's Boys 2
NiceCrispyBacon 7, Sofa King Juiced 3
Lady Gaga Regatta 3, Confederate Generals 7
warlords 7, Baked 2

AZ SnakePit 3, The Fighting Amish 7
A match-up between the #3 and #2 teams saw Amish come out on top, thanks to pitching, despite not getting a W. A 1.02 WHIP and 2.41 ERA is why, with Latos notching 10 K's; Perez + Soriano got two Sv each. Dunn homered twice for Snake and Kershaw fanned 11.

Shoryukens! 5, Moving on Uptons 5
Barring a collapse, Uptons are guaranteed the top seed in the post-season, but were unable to put Shoryu away here. Shoryu got three HR from Tejada and seven RBI by Zimmerman. Uptons got 52 K's and 6 W - Hernandez struck out 17, Capps saved three.

7-2 Offsuiters 7, Funny Team Name 3
7-2 did their playoff hopes good with a solid victory, moving up to fifth. They had a 2.01 ERA and 0.79 WHIP, with ten K's from Jimenez and two HR by Tulowitzki. Funny had Reynolds (three HR, seven RBI) and got three saves apiece from Marmol and Aardsma.

Blonde Streaks 7, Balco's Boys 2
Blonde overpowered last-placed Balco's, a much-needed win moving them out of the relegation zone. Teixeira and Holliday homered twice, while Wilson notched four saves, part of a collective 1.64 ERA, and Sanchez got a W and 15 K's. Uribe homered twice for Balco's.

NiceCrispyBacon 7, Sofa King Juiced 3
Sofa are still in a playoff spot, but another week like this and they might not be. Bacon racked up 55 K's, with 15 and two Wins coming from Jurrjens - they also got three HR and six RBI from Howard. Sofa got a W and nine strikeouts by Lincecum, in a losing cause.

Lady Gaga Regatta 3, Confederate Generals 7
With one week left, the Generals are just 1.5 points out of the post-season. They got three HR and seven driven in by both Hill and Granderson, while Jackson delivered a Win and eleven K's. Lady hit a collective .320, with Pence homering twice and adding nine RBI.

warlords 7, Baked 2
war moved into third spot with this convincing victory, which also dropped Baked into the relegation zone. The victors got two W from Santana, three Saves by Street, while Ramirez drove in six and scored eight. De La Rosa got a Win and 13 strikeouts for Baked.


Team W L T PCT GB Streak
Moving on Uptons 131 78 11 0.620 0 L1
The Fighting Amish 121 80 19 0.593 6 W1
warlords 112 95 13 0.539 18 W1
AZ SnakePit 110 95 15 0.534 19 L1
7-2 Offsuiters 104 97 19 0.516 23 W3
Sofa King Juiced 107 101 12 0.514 23.5 W1
Confederate Generals 104 101 15 0.507 25 W1
NiceCrispyBacon 96 108 16 0.473 32.5 L1
Lady Gaga Regatta 96 109 15 0.470 33 L1
Shoryukens! 97 114 9 0.461 35 W1
Blonde Streaks 93 111 16 0.459 35.5 W1
Funny Team Name 90 109 21 0.457 36 L3
Baked 89 112 19 0.448 38 L1
Balco's Boys 84 124 12 0.409 46.5 L1

Upcoming Games
Sofa King Juiced at Baked
Balco's Boys at Shoryukens!
AZ SnakePit at 7-2 Offsuiters
Confederate Generals at Blonde Streaks
The Fighting Amish at NiceCrispyBacon
Funny Team Name at Lady Gaga Regatta
Moving on Uptons at warlords

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