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Gameday Thread, #158: 9/29 vs. Giants


Ian Kennedy
RHP, 9-9, 3.76


Tim Lincecum
LHP, 15-10, 3.51

Cunning. The Giants have opted to move Timmeh up a game, so he can start tonight [Barry Enright breaths a sigh of relief!] and then be available either in the steadily less-likely event of) a playoff contest on Monday against the Padres, or Game One of the NLDS. That sets up a very good pitching match-up for 'charmer to enjoy at PhoneCo Park this evening. The two starters have combined for one loss in their past five starts apiece: Kennedy has a 1.45 ERA, while Lincecum is all the way up at 2.08. Kennedy, of course, will be hoping to break his streak of no-decisions allowing one earned run or less, which currently sits at four games.

  1. Stephen Drew ss
  2. Tony Abreu 3b
  3. Kelly Johnson 2b
  4. Chris Young cf
  5. Adam LaRoche 1b
  6. Miguel Montero c
  7. Brandon Allen lf
  8. Gerardo Parra rf
  9. Ian Kennedy rhp

It'll be Kennedy's fifth start against the Giants this year: he's gone 1-1, despite a 2.20 ERA in 28.2 innings of work. We're no less familiar with Lincecum, whom Arizona will also be seeing for the fifth time: he's also 1-1, but has a hefty 4.91 ERA against the Diamondbacks. However, Abreu's career 1-for-4 is the only man in tonight's line-up to have a career BA better than .222 against Lincecum, so it won't be easy. It never is...

Sprankton is, for real and definite, on the recap tonight. He's looking to try something a little different, incorporating a lot of quotes from the Gameday Thread, so you should all be at your wittiest and most informative. No pressure, then...