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Gameday Thread, #156: 9/26 vs. Dodgers


Chad Billingsley
RHP, 11-11, 3.70


Joe Saunders
RHP, 3-6, 4.46

It's the last home game of the season, and I am already beginning to suffer withdrawal pangs from baseball - this time next week, we'll be clinging to the last Diamondbacks game of the year. After that, it'll be just secondary pleasures, like picking between non-Arizona teams in post-season contest, or perhaps attending Fall League games. Today is the final time in 2010 we'll be able to snort disapproving as the crowd at Chase Field does the wave, or at Baxter's inane antics. And you know what, I'm going to miss it for the next six months, something awful.

  1. Stephen Drew ss .280
  2. Tony Abreu 3b .243
  3. Kelly Johnson 2b .280
  4. Chris Young cf .260
  5. Adam LaRoche 1b .261
  6. John Hester c .209
  7. Brandon Allen lf .267
  8. Cole Gillespie rf .245
  9. Joe Saunders p .100

One wonders how this line-up may differ from the next one at Chase Field, in 2011. Will Joe Saunders be back? Who'll be manning 1B and LF? Mark Reynolds, Justin Upton and Miguel Montero will presumably also return, but with a new GM and manager to be decided, nothing is certain. It'd be nice to see the team go out of Phoenix on a winning note, and we've had our moments against Billingsley this season; in four starts, he has won just once, with a 4.68 ERA. Saunders hasn't faced the Dodger since becoming a D-back.

kishi on the recap this afternoon, while I hope to be able to see the entire game, for the first time since last Tuesday. Join me for Fandemonium in the comments!