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SnakeBytes, 9/26: The Dan Always Rises

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Another game, another uber-quality start from Dan Hudson. Do you think we'll ever get bored with them? Personally, I doubt it. That, and Cole Gillespie making the Dodgers regret the intentional pass to get to him, were enough to get us level in the series and give us a shot at winning it, in this afternoon's final home contest of the year. Recaps below, and after the jump, news about Brandon Webb.


  • [AZCentral] Daniel Hudson, Diamondbacks take second game against Dodgers - Have the Diamondbacks seen enough to know good he can be? "I don't think anybody really knows," Gibson said. "I just think we see a kid that came up here who's been impressive since Day One. He has a good feel for what to do at any given time. The key for him will be, can he continue to repeat, throw the strikes, throw any pitch in any given count and the biggest of all, stay healthy?"
  • [] Hudson's magnificent outing elevates D-backs - "The Dodgers were really aggressive early in the game. I saw that and kind of wanted to play to that -- throw a lot of strikes and let them get themselves out," Hudson said. "I think that helped my pitch count out a lot."
  • [FoxSportsArizona] Hudson remains on a roll - "He has the talent to be at the top of a rotation. He’s done an amazing job with us … with his mentality, his approach to the game, his work ethic...," [Chris Young] said. "You see him before the game. The zone that he is in, he takes his business very seriously. I respect that a lot, which is what I think he is so successful. He prepares for the game. He takes it as a challenge. And he has great stuff to go with it. It’s a plus-plus."
  • ]Yahoo!] Gillespie powers D-Backs past Dodgers 5-2 - "You want to make them feel like it was a bad decision," Gillespie said. "It is a little more incentive to come through in that situation. Obviously anytime you have guys in scoring position you want to come through but when they intentionally walk the guy in front of you, you want to make it backfire on them."

Team News

  • [SB Nation Arizona] Brandon Webb Ready To Pitch, Diamondbacks Might Not Oblige - "For the Diamondbacks, there can't be much incentive to help Webbie showcase himself for other teams. This is something Brandon is also aware of and will be discussing with new general manager Kevin Towers on Monday."
  • [Fox Sports Arizona] Jack Magruder adds, "To activate Webb from the disabled list, the D-Backs would have to create a spot on the 40-man roster by either releasing a player or designating one for assignment... It seems unlikely that the D-Backs would sacrifice one of their young players for a final week of Webb, no matter how much he has meant to the organization in his seven years here.
  • [AZCentral] Another Gibson idea: Locking up the video room during games - "We had guys running back and forth when they'd get called out on a pitch two inches outside," Gibson said. "Then they want to (complain) about it on the bench. Well, that's not getting you anywhere... Besides, I believe you need to be on the bench, watching the game. You learn things about the game that way, and you need to see things that are going on."
  • [SB Nation Arizona] Kirk Gibson Sees Bright Future Up Diamondbacks' Middle - So when you look into the future for this organization it's in pretty good hands with Steven Drew, Kelly Johnson and Chris Young," Gibby said. "I think, in general, that would be a huge consideration for any team if they were starting - is the middle. And then we have Miggy so this organization is set really nicely, in my opinion, there."
  • [] Babies, babies, babies... Montero was also out of the opening lineup for the third straight day. His wife, Vanessa, gave birth to their first child, a boy, shortly before first pitch. Relief pitcher Aaron Heilman, too, is preparing for an addition to his family on Monday... "We got more babies popping out of this team," Gibson said with a laugh. "This whole season has been incredible." [Mind you, given Chad Qualls and Chris Snyder both became dads this season, it may not be a good omen!]

Around baseball

  • [Denver Post] MLB orders change in use of humidor - "Major League Baseball has ordered changes in how baseballs are removed from the Coors Field humidor and monitored during games." No, everything is perfectly normal in Denver! The home team's remarkable offensive performance here is just... er, tidal forces. Or increased lung-power caused by living at altitude. This "fundamental change in the process" is mere bureaucratic tinkering. Nothing to see here! Move along! </purplerow>
  • [Yahoo!] Giants concerned about Rockies using juiced balls - Umpires were instructed Saturday to monitor the pregame process and make sure nothing fishy was going on. "We got the bag and brought it over here about a half an hour before the game," crew chief John Hirschbeck said. "Our clubhouse person brought them out. That’s what baseball wants us to do over the weekend, so I will." And the result? 19 runs, a number not beaten in a Giants' road game this year. "Nothing to see here! Move along!"
  • [] Murphy's law for Bautista, Jays? Patience - "The powerful season that slugger Jose Bautista has turned in this year is unique to the Blue Jays. It is not, however, uncharted territory for Toronto hitting coach Dwayne Murphy... Also on that [50-homer] list is Luis Gonzalez... Gonzalez's hitting coach that year in Arizona? None other than Murphy."
  • [Los Angeles Times] Lindsey suffers broken hand - "John Lindsey, who labored in the minor leagues for 16 years until the Dodgers finally called him up this month, sustained a broken left hand Saturday night... Making only his second major-league start, the first baseman was struck by a pitch thrown by Arizona starter Daniel Hudson in the seventh inning." I am genuinely sorry to hear this.
  • [Yahoo!] Rangers clinch AL West title with 4-3 win over A's - "Texas is the only current major league franchise never to win a playoff series. The Rangers won three AL West crowns from 1996-99, their only postseason appearances, but lost in the first round to the New York Yankees each time." 11 years without a trip to the playoffs. We went three, and are on our third manager and GM in that time.