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Gameday Thread, #155: 9/25 vs. Dodgers


John Ely
RHP, 4-8, 5.00


Dan Hudson
RHP, 6-1, 1.65

It's been my first week on a new shift: four ten-hour days, rather than five eight-hour ones. The three-day weekend that starts later tonigh is nice, of course - but 11am-9:30pm thing is a bit awkward, especially if I have to do a recap on coming home. The weird thing is waking up in the morning, and having two-plus hours to kill before leaving for work. That's taking a bit of work getting used to. Still, at least the baseball season is almost over, and who knows what may happen between now and Opening Day 2011? [I'm rooting for the "Powerball win and life of indolent leisure"]

  1. Stephen Drew SS
  2. Tony Abreu 3B
  3. Kelly Johnson 2B
  4. Chris Young CF
  5. Adam LaRoche 1B
  6. John Hester C
  7. Brandon Allen LF
  8. Cole Gillespie RF
  9. Dan Hudson RHP

Hudson's final start of the season: I think it's safe to say he has been the brightest spot of the second-half, shining with an incandescent fury that merits the wearing of sunglasses. Ten games for the Diamondbacks; ten quality starts; and peripherals solid enough to avoid the nagging feeling that regression is just around the corner, e.g. 65 K's in 71 innings. It's also the final Wailord recap of the year, so hopefully both of them will finish the season on a high note, and deliver a W for us.