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SnakePitFantasy Baseball: Week 23

The last week of the regular season in Division One, and the first week of the post-season in Division One-A, so a lot of excitement in both areas, with match-ups determined and the opening round of playoff games respectively. Here are the Division One details, with the secondary league to follow when I get 'em.

Sofa King Juiced 8, Baked 2
Balco's Boys 2, Shoryukens! 7
AZ SnakePit 2, 7-2 Offsuiters 8
Confederate Generals 1, Blonde Streaks 7
The Fighting Amish 9, NiceCrispyBacon 1
Funny Team Name 4, Lady Gaga Regatta 4
Moving on Uptons 5, warlords 2

Sofa King Juiced 8, Baked 2
This result means Sofa locked up the #5 seed, while Baked are likely sent to Division One-A for 2011. Sofa swept hitting, getting three HR each from Konerko and Bautista, while Lincecum got two W + 20 K's. De La Rosa got a W and ten strikeouts for Baked.

Balco's Boys 2, Shoryukens! 7
In a game with no championship implications, Shoryu finished strong, but Balco's were condemned to relegation. The closest BA match-up of the year went to Shoryu by a .00004 margin: .25161 to 25157. Hunter (Shoryu) was the only man here to homer twice.

AZ SnakePit 2, 7-2 Offsuiters 8
7-2 have momentum going into the playoffs, and will be #4 seeds, while Snake has to settle for #6. Player of the Week was 7-2's Tulowitzki (six HR, 11 RBI), with Wells adding three homers and Oswalt getting two W + 13 K. Myers had a W + 8 K for Snake.

Confederate Generals 1, Blonde Streaks 7
The Generals' hopes of post-season baseball evaporated in a comprehensive defeat at the hands of Blonde. The winners had a 2.31 team ERA but came within one SB of all five hitting points: Victorino had five SB and eight Runs. The Generals' Longoria had six RBI.

The Fighting Amish 9, NiceCrispyBacon 1
Amish get to rest for a week, as #2 seeds, with the week's largest victory. Despite a 5.19 ERA, they still swept pitching - Latos led their arms, with a W + 14 K's. Bacon got three HR and 11 RBI from Howard, the former their sole point. Rodriguez (Amish) drove in seven.

Funny Team Name 4, Lady Gaga Regatta 4
Both teams will be back to battle again in the 2011 version of Division One. SB and W ended level: otherwise, Lady took hitting and Funny pitching. But the best players went the other way: Upton had three HR and seven R for Funny, Verlander getting two W + 18 K for Lady.

Moving on Uptons 5, warlords 2
In a potential preview of the grand final, Uptons had the edge, despite HR, SB and Sv all ending level. Pujols and Zobrist posted six HR and 17 RBI for Uptons, while Capps notched three Saves. Street did the same on war's account, and also added a Win.

Regular Season Final Standings

Team W L T PCT GB Streak
Moving on Uptons 136 80 14 0.622 0 W1
The Fighting Amish 130 81 19 0.607 3.5 W7
warlords 114 100 16 0.530 21 L1
7-2 Offsuiters 112 99 19 0.528 21.5 L1
Sofa King Juiced 115 103 12 0.526 22 L1
AZ SnakePit 112 103 15 0.520 23.5 W1
Confederate Generals 105 108 17 0.493 29.5 L2
Shoryukens! 104 116 10 0.474 34 W2
Blonde Streaks 100 112 18 0.474 34 W2
Lady Gaga Regatta 100 113 17 0.472 34.5 L1
Funny Team Name 94 113 23 0.459 37.5 W1
NiceCrispyBacon 97 117 16 0.457 38 L7
Baked 91 120 19 0.437 42.5 W1
Balco's Boys 86 131 13 0.402 50.5 L2

Playoffs, Round One

Championship Rounds
AZ SnakePit (#6 seed) at warlords (#3)
Sofa King Juiced (#5) at 7-2 Offsuiters (#4)
Consolation Rounds
NiceCrispyBacon (#12) at Shoryukens! (#9)
Funny Team Name (#11) at Lady Gaga Regatta (#10)

Shoryu and Blonde finished the season tied for 8th. Blonde won the tiebreaker and get the first-round bye, with the better record in play between the teams (13-6-1). Note that any ties in playoff games will be broken based on 1) the better ERA, then 2) the better BA. If both those are tied, I'm flipping a coin!

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