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Gameday Thread, #141: 9/10 vs. Rockies


Joe Saunders
RHP, 2-4, 4.42


Jorge De La Rosa
LHP, 6-4, 4.18


Why I won't be doing the recap tonight. :-)

Tankapalooza 2010 standings

Rk Tm W L W-L% GB
1 Pirates 47 92 .338 -
2 Orioles 53 87 .379 5.5
3 Mariners 55 85 .393 7.5
4 D-backs 57 83 .407 9.5
Indians 57 83 .407 9.5
6 Royals 57 82 .410 10

Not that it probably matters, but Arizona are now mathematically eliminated from the playoffs - we're 22.5 back in both the NL West and wild-card. Number of games until the blessed end of the season: 22. Still, we face the Rockies this evening, with another chance to play spoiler - hopefully, it'll go better than we did against the Giants or Astros. Colorado has won seven straight, though are still rated as a slim (14%) chance of making the post-season. They're 3.5 back in the wild-card and the West, with the Giants the only team between then and current wild-card leader, Atlanta.

As has been noted before, they are a very different, much tougherto team at home: they are 47-22 at Coors, compared to 29-42 on the road. It's all down to their offense: six runs per game in Denver, 3.5 everywhere else. Hopefully, Arizona will get a few of their "special" humidor balls this evening. ;-) Looking at the pitching match-ups, it doesn't look too good for Arizona; it'll be a major surprise if we manage to take this series. Fortunately, I don't have to recap any of the games. Tonight, 'charmer will be covering for me, and gets to smell what the Rock Colonel is cooking in Coors.

  1. Stephen Drew ss
  2. Rusty Ryal lf
  3. Kelly Johnson 2b
  4. Chris Young cf
  5. Adam LaRoche 1b
  6. Mark Reynolds 3b
  7. Miguel Montero c
  8. Gerardo Parra rf
  9. Joe Saunders lhp