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Gameday Thread, #110: 8/6 vs. Padres


Jon Garland
RHP, 10-7, 3.60


Dan Hudson
RHP, 1-0, 1-12

Tankapalooza 2010 Standings

Rk Tm W L W-L% GB
1 Orioles 35 73
.334 -
2 Pirates 38 70
.352 3
3 Mariners 40
69 .367 4.5
D-backs 41 68 .376 5.5
Indians 46 63 .422 10.5
Royals 46 62 .426 11

So, do we want to try and wipe the smug grin off the Padres and their fans this series? Or are we more intent on continuing our headlong pick of the bestest draft pick possible in 2011? A difficult dilemma. Certainly. for tomorrow, I hope we murder San Diego, in honor of Luis Gonzalez: and if that's literally murder, with Baxter operating the wood-chipper... Well, it'd make for an interesting day at the old ballpark, let's just say. Tonight, however, I get the night entirely off, as I rest and gird my loins [figuratively - no actual loins will be girded] for SnakePitFestapalooza tomorrow.

Word is, still no Mark Reynolds today, but he is feeling better and might be in there tomorrow. Damn straight, or I will not be responsible for the behavior of my fellow attendees. Let's just say, we'll be checking whether pitchforks are on the list of items allowed into Chase. For this evening, however: get well, Mark. It's the return of Garland, who takes on the Diamondbacks for the fourth time already this year. He's 1-1, having allowed three ER in 15 innings - but seven unearned runs. He got the win last time, spinning six innings of one-run ball in Petco.

He faces Dan Hudson, who was great in his first start for Arizona, cruising through eight innings of a laugher against the Mets. Indeed, all our new starting pitchers have done pretty well - between them, Hudson, Barry Enright and Joe Saunders have a collective ERA of 2.33 over ten starts. Just a shame we were already 15 games back before any of them showed up. But it's no longer about 2010, as far as I'm concerned - building for 2011, and in the case of our young players, getting experience now that will hopefully hold them in good stead for future campaigns.

That said, please feel free to kick Padres ass this evening. Especially that classless punk, Everth Cabrera, whom Reynolds still owes a face of cleats. 'Charmer on the recap, while I watch... Hmm, I'm thinking Harry Brown and the 1954 BBC TV version of 1984. Have fun, folks.