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Gameday Thread, #108: 8/4 vs. Nationals


Craig Stammen
RHP, 3-4, 5.24


Ian Kennedy
RHP, 6-8, 4.26

Tankapalooza 2010 Standings

Rk Tm W L W-L% GB
1 Orioles 33 73
.311 -
2 Pirates 37 69 .349 4
3 Mariners 40
67 .374 6.5
D-backs 40 67 .374 6.5
Indians 45 62 .421 11.5
Royals 46 61 .430 12.5

A bad day for almost all the team in Tankapalooza 2010, with the Indians the only team to avoid losing. However, Pittsburgh have already lost, so normal service looks to be being resumed. Tonight's game marks the two-thirds point in the season: projecting forward, that would give Adam LaRoche 106 RBI and Mark Reynolds 38 homers. However, if Kennedy fails to get the win tonight, we'll be on pace to have no-one on the team win ten games this year.

That's only been done four times in the NL since 1999: the Reds (2003), Nationals (2007 + 2009) and the Pirates (2008). Our nearest competition this year is, again, Pittsburgh - the only other team with just one seven-game winner on their roster. However, our seven-game winner is Dan Haren, who is most unlikely to add to his total with Arizona the rest of the season, what with that whole "playing for Anaheim" thing. In case you're curious, the Mets lead the way with five, while the Padres and Giants have four.

  1. Chris Young CF
  2. Kelly Johnson 2B
  3. Justin Upton RF
  4. Miguel Montero C
  5. Adam LaRoche 1B
  6. Mark Reynolds 3B
  7. Stephen Drew SS
  8. Ryan Church LF
  9. Ian Kennedy RHP

Church gets his first start with the Diamondbacks tonight. In a not-unexpected roster move, Tony Abreu is sent down to Reno, with a replacement bullpen arm coming up, in the shape of Rafael Rodriguez, who was part of the Dan Haren trade with Anaheim. Abreu will get some regular ABs in Triple-A, which might do him some good. Roster on the sidebar has been updated with that and the other recent moves. It's an Azrecap this evening, and I don't think I'll be about much. I do have a story to work on, but I'll schedule that for the middle of the night. Because I can...