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AZ SnakePit Fantasy Baseball, Week 21

Hey! Two sets of recaps already this week! The only thing pending is thus the Division One-A standings, which Wailord will be delivering when get gets home this afternoon - I'll add them when they arrive [Updated - they arrived!]. So, without further ado, here you go...

Division One
Funny Team Name 2, The Fighting Amish 7
Shoryukens! 6, Baked 3
7-2 Offsuiters 3, Confederate Generals 5
Blonde Streaks 1, Moving on Uptons 9
AZ SnakePit 8, at NiceCrispyBacon 1
Lady Gaga Regatta 5, Balco's Boys 5
warlords 4, Sofa King Juiced 4

Division One-A
Dantes Revenge 0, Miami-Dade Forensics 10
Novas B12’s 6, Gang of Nine 4
Chazwozzles  6,The Septimoes 4
Spaghetti Monsters 3, Tempe Transients 6
PhoenixFly  1, RIPJoseBatistasBeard 9
Alabama Slammers 7, The Trinity Killers 2
Sprankton  1, Mizzoula Osprey 9
Wimboes Barmy Army 3, Gotham City Knights 5

Funny Team Name 2, The Fighting Amish 7
Amish solidified their hold on the #2 seed with a solid victory, behind Gonzalez and Votto, who combined for seven home-runs and 18 RBI - Torres also drove in ten, and they hit .325 for the week. Funny got three HR from Hamilton, while Peres gave Amish a Win and a Save.

Shoryukens! 6, Baked 3
With both teams out of playoff contention, this was about surviving for Division One next year, and Shoryu edged it, climbing above Baked to 11th. Two Wins and 18 K's from Shields and three HR by Fielder were instrumental there, while Sandoval drove in nine for Baked.

7-2 Offsuiters 3, Confederate Generals 5
A crucial match-up allowed the Generals to pull within two points of 7-2 for the last playoff spot. HR and Sv ended tied, but the Generals piled up an amazing 84 K's - Morrow had 21, Lackey 17. LaRoche also had nine RBI, while Swisher homered twice for 7-2.

Blonde Streaks 1, Moving on Uptons 9
Blonde's plummet continues - they're 5-21-4 in the past three weeks, and have fallen in to the relegation zone. They took RBI by two, and that was all that stopped a whitewash. Upton's got three HR from Pujols, and a W + 12 K from Kennedy, also posting a team ERA of 1.17.

AZ SnakePit 8, at NiceCrispyBacon 1
Bacon didn't hit, batting .194, allowing Snake's mediocre offense to come within one SB of sweeping the offensive categories: Guerrero homered twice for them. Bacon took saves, but two W and 15 K's for Myers propelled Snake to a comfortable victory, keeping them in 3rd.

Lady Gaga Regatta 5, Balco's Boys 5
Regatta will have wanted more than a tie against cellar-dwellers Balco's, and this did their playoff hopes little good. They swept pitching with a Win and a Save from Cordero, as well as a 2.70 team ERA, but Balco's swept hitting, getting four HR and six RBI out of Bruce.

warlords 4, Sofa King Juiced 4
#4 played #5 here, and honors ended even, with Wins and Saves finishing level. war got a W and 14 K's from Cain, while Gonzalez gave Sofa two victories. On offense, Drew and Batista each homered four times for Sofa, but Lee had three HR and Ramirez four SB for war.


Team W L T PCT GB Streak
Moving on Uptons 126 73 11 0.626 0 W4
The Fighting Amish 114 77 19 0.588 8 W2
AZ SnakePit 107 88 15 0.545 17 W2
warlords 105 93 12 0.529 20.5 W1
Sofa King Juiced 104 94 12 0.524 21.5 L1
7-2 Offsuiters 97 94 19 0.507 25 L2
Confederate Generals 97 98 15 0.498 27 W2
Lady Gaga Regatta 93 102 15 0.479 31 W2
Funny Team Name 87 102 21 0.464 34 L2
NiceCrispyBacon 89 105 16 0.462 34.5 L2
Shoryukens! 92 109 9 0.460 35 W2
Baked 87 105 18 0.457 35.5 L2
Blonde Streaks 86 109 15 0.445 38 L4
Balco's Boys 82 117 11 0.417 44 L2

Upcoming Games

AZ SnakePit at The Fighting Amish
Shoryukens! at Moving on Uptons
7-2 Offsuiters at Funny Team Name
Blonde Streaks at Balco's Boys
NiceCrispyBacon at Sofa King Juiced
Lady Gaga Regatta at Confederate Generals
warlords at Baked

Dantes Revenge 0, Miami-Dade Forensics 10
MDF blanked DR thanks in large part to Jose Bautista. Jose had 7 Runs, 4 HRs, 7 RBI's and tossed in a SB for good measure. MDF also got fabulous pitching from his staff. His 3 W's all came from Gems Lackey(MDF wisely sat him on Sunday) 10k's 2.25 ERA and 1.00 WHIP, King Felix 9 K's 1.23 ERA .68 WHIP, and Liriano 6K's 2.57 ERA .86 WHIP. While DR did take the L they did have some good performances of their own. Matt Garza got a ND despite only allowing 1 ER in his outing, while Gaby Sanchez drove in 6 RBI's which if not for Bautista's strong week most likely would have helped win the category.

Novas B12's 6, Gang of Nine 4
NB12 edged out G9 due to a great week from Jhonny Peralta. Peralta drove in 7 and scored 5 Runs while hitting a robust .429. Former D-Back Brandon Lyon also had a good week chipping in 3 SV's, 3 K's, 0.50 WHIP all with a 0 ERA. G9 was able to take the W and K stats thanks to a strong showing from Brett Myers who had a monster week. He recorded 2 wins, 15 K's, a 1.21 WHIP and a microscopic 1.29 ERA. Vlad the impaler and Nick Swisher each hit 2 HR's to help with the HR category.

Chazwozzles 6,The Septimoes 4
In this matchup the Chazwozzles won all 5 offensive categories while The Septimoes won 4 out of 5 pitching categories. Chaz rode Pablo Sandoval to the note of 9 RBI's, 2 HRs and an almost .500 average of .481. Had it not been for another dominating performance from Edwin Jackson 10 Ks would not have won the tie breaking K category. Michael Bourn did all he could for the Septimoes scoring 6 runs, stealing 4 bags and even managed to hit a HR, however it was not enough.

Spaghetti Monsters 3, Tempe Transients 6
This match up was like an American League game lots of HR's not much pitching. Neither team posted an impressive ERA however SM was able to put together enough outing to sweep the pitching stats. TT did flex their muscles by crushing an impressive 14 HRs 9 of which came from 3 players Fielder, V-Mart and El Caballo. TT also won the SB category thanks to Austin Jackson.

PhoenixFly 1, RIPJoseBatistasBeard 9
Despite a strong showing from Triple Crown Candidate Joey Votto PF was not able to win any offensive categories. A two start week by Adam Wainwright helped PF avoid being shut out. For RIPJBB Hanley Ramirez showed why he was a top 5 draft pick by posting a rotomonster week, 8 R, 2 HR, 6 RBI, 4 SB and a .560 avg. Adam Laroche stayed true to his second half player by driving in 9.

Alabama Slammers 7, The Trinity Killers 2
Bama won thanks in large part to Martin Prado. Martin scored 6 runs hit 2 HRs and drove in a ridiculous 10 runs. Bama also got good production from waiver wire studs Eric Young 2 SBs and Daric Barton 2 HRs. TTK can hang their hat on the fact that they gave Bama a good run keeping most categories close. Due to a power surge by Wilson Betemit TTK was even able to win the HR category.

Sprankton 1, Mizzoula Osprey 9
Fantasy Baseball is easy when you have Pujols and Carlos Gonzalez the two combined for 14 runs, 5 HRs, 13 RBIs and 1 SB. Sprankton can hope along with the rest of us that Stephen Drew continues his amazing hot streak upon his return to Chase Field.

Wimboes Barmy Army 3, Gotham City Knights 5
Fighting for playoff position GCK found themselves in a dog fight. WBA put up a good fight, in the end WBAs pitchers betrayed them, had WBA gotten average performances perhaps the result would have been different. That being said thanks to 6 runs scored by Juan Pierre GCK was able to steal the runs category which helped contribute to their victory.


Rank Team W-L-T Pct GB
*1. Alabama Slammers 131-60-19 0.669 -
*2. Nova's B12's 121-81-8 0.595 15.5
*3. RIPJoseBatistasBeard 119-82-9 0.588 17
*4. Mizzoula Osprey 118-81-11 0.588 17
*5. Gotham City Knights 113-80-17 0.579 19
6 Spaghetti Monsters 107-90-13 0.54 27
7 Tempe Transients 100-98-12 0.505 34.5
8 M-D Forensics 99-99-12 0.5 35.5
9 The Septimoes 97-99-14 0.495 36.5
10 PhoenixFly 91-99-20 0.481 39.5
11 The Trinity Killers 84-108-18 0.443 47.5
12 Dantes Revenge 86-114-10 0.433 49.5
13 Wimboes B. Army 81-110-19 0.431 50
14 Gang of Nine 78-114-18 0.414 53.5
15 Sprankton 77-123-10 0.39 58.5
16 Chazwozzles 62-126-22 0.348 67.5

* clinched playoff spot

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