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Gameday Thread, #129: 8/27 vs. Giants


Barry Enright
RHP, 4-2, 2.73


Tim Lincecum
RHP, 11-8, 3.72

Tankapalooza 2010

Rk Tm W L W-L% GB
1 Pirates 43 84 .339 -
2 Orioles 45 83
.352 1.5
3 D-backs 50 78 .391 6.5
4 Mariners 50
77 .394 7
5 Indians 51 76 .302 8
6 NationalsCubs 54 74 .422 10.5

So, did anyone think, even after Enright got called up, that he'd be going into his last start of August with an ERA almost a full run better than the reigning Cy Young champion? But such is the case, as Barry continues his Rooke Tour O' Hell: Strasburg, Jimenez, and now Lincecum - for the second time. That said, Lincecum has not been very good of late: he has lost four straight starts, and has an 8.38 ERA in August: if he doesn't win tonight, he'll be winless for the month, which hasn't happened since his rookie year. In fact, this will only be the third time in 17 attempts since then, he's had a losing month. [1-2 in May 2010, 1-3 in Sept 2009].

But he is still the reigning Cy Young, even if we have tagged him for seven earned runs in 13 innings this season, and swanning in to AT&T thinking he's a has-been is probably unwise. Of the six Diamondbacks players with 15 or more at-bats, one - Justin Upton, who is 9-for-26 - has a lifetime batting average against Lincecum that's better than .161. Chris Young is 3-for-31. Miguel Montero 3-for-23. Yeah: I am preferring to look on the gloomy side for the moment - that way, if we light Timmeh up like a cheap spliff, it'll be a pleasant surprise. Here's to Barry getting a couple more hits off - 2-for-2 with a double and a pair of RBI.

  1. Stephen Drew ss
  2. Justin Upton rf
  3. Kelly Johnson 2b
  4. Chris Young cf
  5. Adam LaRoche 1b
  6. Mark Reynolds 3b
  7. Miguel Montero c
  8. Gerardo Parra lf
  9. Barry Enright rhp

7:15pm? Damn these late starts: no chance to get anything else done after the game. Maybe we can cram in a movie before first pitch? Fortunately, the B-movies we enjoy tend to run closer to 80 minutes than 150, so we'll see what's available. if I'm late, that'll be why.