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Gameday Thread, #123: 8/20 vs. Rockies


Esmil Rogers
RHP, 2-2, 5.01


Ian Kennedy
RHP, 7-9, 4.38

Tankapalooza 2010

Rk Tm W L W-L% GB
1 Pirates 40 81 .333 -
2 Orioles 43 79 .351 2.5
3 D-backs 47 75 .385 6.5
4 Mariners 48 73 .397 8
5 Cubs 50 72 .410 9.5
6 Indians 50 71 .413 10

The Rockies arrive in Arizona, and are still sporting a very interesting split in their offense. At Coors, they average 5.8 runs per game; but take them out of Denver, they average just 3.6 runs per game. Curiously, the runs allowed don't show anything like the same split - 4.5 vs. 4.3, which makes me wonder whether the humidor conspiracists might have a point. We should keep an eye open for Troyboy sneaking into the umpire's locker room with a box of Rawlings high-altitude finest tonight.

  1. Stephen Drew SS
  2. Justin Upton RF
  3. Kelly Johnson 2B
  4. Chris Young CF
  5. Adam LaRoche 1B
  6. Mark Reynolds 3B
  7. Miguel Montero C
  8. Gerardo Parra LF
  9. Ian Kennedy RHP

I don't fancy our chances tonight, if only because the Rockies have alternated wins and losses for the entire month of August to date - that's sixteen straight contests without a winning or losing streak longer than "one." On the other hand, the first games of road series have not been their friend lately - the last four sets away from Coors have seen Colorado start by scoring zero, one, zero and zero runs respectively. You have to go back to June to find the last time they took an opening contest out of Denver, so that points to an Arizona victory. There: that's my fearless prediction. Someone will win tonight. You can take that to the bank.

We've never seen Rogers as a starter; he spent most of the season in the bullpen, and has gradually been getting stretched out - however, he only has one six-inning appearance to date. As a reliever, we have a grand total of three plate-appearances to look at: 0-for-2 with a walk, as if it matters. Kennedy has faced the Rockies twice this year, allowing nine runs, six earned, in 11 innings - it's been the long-ball which has hurt, with five of those accounting for all but one of the Colorado tallies. So, here's to him keeping the Rockies in the park tonight.

Not going to be about, and it's a 'charmerecap this evening. All-you-can-eat fish and chips beckons at Tim Finnegan's, and then some kind of cinematic entertainment, I think. Go, D'backs! [Enthusiasm sold separately]