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AZ SnakePit Fantasy Baseball, Week 17

A bit of daylight has opened up in between the playoff spots and the rest of the league, with a 5.5 point gap between #6 and #7 in Division One after this week's results. It's by no means conclusive, especially with only 1.5 points covering teams seven through twelve, so any one of them could still make a surge. Similarly, in Division 1-A, the same gap separated #5 and #6. Wwith only seven weeks of regular season games left, it's time for playoff contenders to make their push. Here's the quick results, with details and standings after the jump.

Division One
Baked 1, The Fighting Amish 8,
Balco's Boys 3, AZ SnakePit 6
7-2 Offsuiters 5m warlords 4
Sofa King Juiced 7, Blonde Streaks 3
Moving on Uptons 8, at NiceCrispyBacon 2
Lady Gaga Regatta 4, Shoryukens! 5
Confederate Generals 8, Funny Team Name 1

Division One-A
Dantes Revenge 3, Spaghetti Monsters 7
Chazwozzles 6, Gang of Nine 4
Air Bautista/DHARMA Initiative 5, Gotham City Knights 5
Scratch my Ichiro 5, Carl Pavano Express/Yiddish Pimp Slap 5
Tempe Prangers 3, Breslow of the Sea/The Cardboard Boxes 6
The Septimoes 9, Mizzoula Osprey 1
PhoenixFly 1, Wimboes Barmy Army 7
Alabama Slammers 8, Sprankton 2


Baked 1, The Fighting Amish 8
Did Amish have the best pitching of all time? Seven W, seven Sv, 63 K, 1.30 ERA, 0.75 WHIP. Unsurprisingly, they took all five points, led by Nolasco's two W + 14 K, and Soria's four Saves. Gonzalez had four HR + 10 R. Baked's sole win was BA, where they hit .297.

Balco's Boys 3, AZ SnakePit 6
Snake got five HR and ten R from Uggla, while Mauer drove in ten, and Guerrero nine. On the mound, they got a W + 13 K's from Greinke, and a W + 12 K's by Myers. For Balco's, Garland posted a W + 11 K's, and Pena had a two home run, seven RBI week.

7-2 Offsuiters 5, warlords 4
One of the week's closest games saw 7-2 pip war, after Home Runs ended tied at nine. 7-2 hit .322, and Pagan scored nine runs, while Ortiz had three homers and ten RBI for war. 7-2 just had the edge in pitching, with Franklin's Save crucial (he also had a W).

Sofa King Juiced 7, Blonde Streaks 3
Juiced racked up 13 HR, with Player of the Week Bautista getting five, alongside 13 RBI. Despite a 2.39 ERA, their pitching staff managed only one Win, though Lee struck out 17. Danks had a W + 10 K for Blonde, and Cano homered three times for them.

Moving on Uptons 8, at NiceCrispyBacon 2
Garza had a W and 15 K for Uptons, and Capps saved three, but this was closer than it looked. Uptons took Sv by one and HR by two, to pad the final margin. Phillips drove in seven for them, while Jones had two Homers and five RBI in a losing cause for Bacon.

Lady Gaga Regatta 4, Shoryukens! 5
Another contest that could have gone either way, Saves finishing at three apiece. Shields (Shoryu) was Pitcher of the Week, thanks to two Wins and 18 strikeouts, but offense was at a premium - the sides combined for only 39 R. Werth scored seven of those for Gaga.

Confederate Generals 8, Funny Team Name 1
The Generals blew out Funny, cruising to victory, mostly because their opponent blew chunks - three HR, 14 RBI, one Win, one Sv and a 5.92 ERA. Granderson drove in six for Generals, and Wainwright gave them a W and 11 K's. Blanton (W + 10 K) was Funny's top player.


Team W L T PCT GB Streak
Moving on Uptons 99 62 9 0.609 0 W5
The Fighting Amish 93 62 15 0.591 3 W2
Sofa King Juiced 85 76 9 0.526 14 W1
AZ SnakePit 83 74 13 0.526 14 W2
7-2 Offsuiters 82 75 13 0.521 15 W1
warlords 83 79 8 0.512 16.5 L1
Confederate Generals 75 82 13 0.479 22 W3
NiceCrispyBacon 75 82 13 0.479 22 L5
Funny Team Name 73 80 17 0.479 22 L3
Lady Gaga Regatta 75 83 12 0.476 22.5 L3
Blonde Streaks 75 84 11 0.474 23 L1
Baked 75 85 10 0.471 23.5 L2
Shoryukens! 74 88 8 0.459 25.5 W3
Balco's Boys 64 99 7 0.397 36 L2

Week 18 Games
Funny Team Name at Sofa King Juiced
Balco's Boys at NiceCrispyBacon
7-2 Offsuiters at Baked
Blonde Streaks at Shoryukens!
Moving on Uptons at The Fighting Amish
Lady Gaga Regatta at warlords
Confederate Generals at AZ SnakePit

Obvious contender for Game of the Week sees  the league leaders Uptons take on #2 team Amish.  Both teams look set fair for the post-season, but seedings are still to be determined, and this could be a precursor to a playoff match-up come the end of the year.


This week In Division-1A Fantasy Baseball we saw our fair share of controversy (after all, it is SRS BSNS) and a flurry of trades as the fantasy deadline approaches (ok, it's two weeks away). It was also a week full of its fair amount of upsets, so let's get right to it!

Dantes Revenge 3, Spaghetti Monsters 7
Two relatively close teams here saw a rather undershelming matchup. Despite being swept in all hitting categories by the Monsters, Revenge's pitching staff greatly outpitched that of Spaghetti, led by Matt Garza (and his no-hitter), as he put up 15 strikeouts, a 2.25ERA, and a 0.44WHIP to go along with his one win for the week. The Monsters, though, mopped the floor with Revenge batting, highlighted by Holliday, Cruz, and Scutaro all going deep twice.

Chazwozzles 6, Gang of Nine 4
The tough times roll on for Gang. After starting the season 4-0-1 in matchups, they've gone 1-9-1 since, with the latest defeat coming at the hands of Chazwozzles, a team that (entering the contest) had won just three of sixteen matchups. The most surprising stat would probably be the .344 clip that Chaz hitters put up; Mauer, who's been shipped off to DHARMA pending league approval, went out with a bang, with nine runs, a homer, 10RBI and a .632 AVG. For Gang, Vlady managed nine RBI despite only putting up a .250AVG.

Air Bautista/DHARMA Initiative 5, Gotham City Knights 5
This rematch pitted a top-three team against one presumably out of playoff contention, yet the result was the same as last time; the two teams split, yet it wasn't the fight to the death you'd think. Each team routed the outer in nearly every category, with DHARMA taking four of five hitting while Gotham took four of five pitching. Jose Bautista (DHARMA) went for five homers, eight runs, and thirteen homers to go with his .632AVG, while Cliff Lee (Gotham) led all pitchers with seventeen strikeouts, compiling a 2.1ERA and 0.94WHIP in the process.

Scratch my Ichiro 5, Carl Pavano Express/Yiddish Pimp Slap 5
Yiddish decided to get in on the latest fad and taunt a certain someone about trading away Pavano for MLB super-underperformer Adam Lind, and Pavano may just be the reason that this matchup was a tie instead of an Ichiro win. However, the highlight of the staff was, in fact, not The Mustachioed One, but FutureBack Daniel Hudson, who struck out four in his Win with a 1.13ERA and 0.50WHIP. Delmon Young (Ichiro) scored eight times to go with his homer and seven RBI on the week.

Tempe Prangers 3, Breslow of the Sea/The Cardboard Boxes 6
After this upset, Tempe just barely stays in the playoff hunt, just one game out of eighth. Breslow decided to jump in on the player-named transportation vessel theme, apparently opening up a cruise line based on the Atheltics reliever Craig Breslow. They also managed their first win since Week 11 against Gang, and the performances were generally spread around; they took three of both hitting and pitching. The now-Chazwozzlian Mike Stanton homered, but Cargo was the actual story (sent over from Chaz in the Pablo/Stanton trade)- he homered thrice, batting .579 on the week with a stolen base to top it all off. LaNotTraded (Tempe) homered twice on Sunday and had six of his nine ribbies of the week on the same day.

The Septimoes 9, Mizzoula Osprey 1
In what can only be scribed as a major upset, the barely-above-.500 Septimoes somehow handed it to Mizzoula by far the worst loss the Osprey have suffered on the year. It was also the first loss Mizzoula has suffered since Week 12, a 4-6 defeat at the hands of Dantes Revenge. It seems that the staff-leading relievers were the source of the ERA trouble this week for Mizzoula - Papa Grande and BIG JONATHON BROXTON had 27.00 and 6.75ERAs respectively. Hamels (Mizzoula) managed eighteen strikeouts, helping save the lone categorical win for his team. Diamondback-killer David Wright (Septimoes) homered twice while driving in nine in a winning performance. Maybe the Berkman IRL-trade can provide the oomph needed to finally bring down Alabama…

PhoenixFly 1, Wimboes Barmy Army 7
Insert the MGS ! sound effect here - the Army has quietly had two successful weeks in a row. After starting the season 1-8-2, the Army has gone 4-2-1 since, including two in a row. Maybe that "second-half" plan is paying its dividends. Three of the Army pitchers posted double-digit strikeouts, led by Ricky Nolasco's 14 (with two wins and a sub-1 WHIP). Joey Vato Votto homered twice for Phoenix, knocking in five runs and scoring seven times in the process. Here's the real test for the Army this week, though - they are now presented with the task of locking horns with the league's juggernaut, the Alabama Slammers, who lead the league by 14 games, remaining the only team with more than 100 categorical wins.

Alabama Slammers 8, Sprankton 2
Since losing back-to-back games in Weeks 12 and 13, the Slammers have gone 30-6-4 in four weeks since, so it's really no wonder that they do lead second-place Gotham by fourteen games. Sprankton, quite frankly, has Dan Uggla to thank for coming as close as he did - the former Diamondback homered five times (Sprankton won HR by five) and drove in seven (Sprankton won RBI by 7) while scoring ten times (ok, he lost R by two). Alabama, though, continues to perform masterfully without going out and getting the biggest names available, as Ian Desmond (14% owned) homered, drove in three, and scored four times while batting .385.

With the trade deadline being just two weeks ago, one can only wonder if the trades can get even more fast furious. For those looking on from outside, the league's seen thirty-eight trades since the beginning of the season, with twenty-nine of those happening since June 3. In other news, I'm considering trading Tyler Colvin for Carlos Gonzalez and Jason Heyward. Maybe that'll cause less controversy. ;) See you guys next week, and good luck to everyone in their matchups!

Alabama Slammers   
Gotham City Knights
Scratch my Ichiro  
Mizzoula Osprey    
Carl Pavano Express
The Septimoes      
Tempe Prangers     
Spaghetti Monsters 
DHARMA Initiative  
Dantes Revenge     
Breslow of the Sea 
Wimboes B. Army 
Gang of Nine       

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