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SnakeBytes, 8/16: Historical Edition

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Well, our epic struggle between Strasburg and Enright didn't go too badly.  So we head home to get ready for a visit from the Reds.  Great, Nationals yesterday, Reds tomorrow, welcome to the Chinese Civil War.

DBacks News:

After the jump, some news from around sports, and a look back.

Around Sports:

Now, a occasional feature that I'll bring out whenever I need to fill some space when we have the time:

This Week in Diamondbacks History!

Looking back through the Diamondbacks past, what momentous events have taken place in mid-August?  If you look back to 2001, the Diamondbacks were in the midst of their longest winning streak in team history.  Nine games, stretching from August 10th to August 19th, capped off with a three game sweep of the Cubs.  It was our second nine game win streak of the season.  The very next season, on August 16th, 2002, Curt Schilling notched his twentieth win of the season against those same Cubs- no wonder they don't like to play us in mid-August anymore.  This week in 2006 was pretty eventful- we played a 18 inning marathon against the Rockies on August 15th, winning a 2-1 slogfest, and then three days later, Chris Young made his major league debut against the San Diego Padres.  And in 2007, we saw some more impressive outings from our pitchers, both on the mound and at the plate- on August 17th, Brandon Webb pitched his third consecutive complete-game shutout, and then the next day, Micah Owings faced the Braves in front of his family and friends in Georgia, and responded by going 4 for 4 with two home runs for the win.  But our pitchers aren't the only sluggers this week in history- on this date in 2008, Miguel Montero and Chris Young both hit their first career grand slams to help beat the Astros, the first time the Diamondbacks have had two grand slams in a season.  And that is this week in Diamondbacks history!

Go DBacks!