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It's "Mark Week" at AZ SnakePit

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The Diamondbacks' choice of pregame TV: Shark Week on the Discovery Channel.
  -- AP recap for today's game

That's a very happy coincidence, because starting tomorrow, we'll be running a series of pieces on Arizona's most-deadly predator: Mark Reynolds. It all started with an email from soco: "This is kind of goofy, but given the absolutely awful season this is it might be kind of fun.  Starting August 1st is Discovery Channel's celebrated and anticipated Shark Week. It might kind of funny to have a Mark (Reynolds) Week... Anyone (Jim?) interested?" Well, turns out not only was I, but other writers wanted in on the action too...

Hence, over the next few days, we'll be presenting a series of pieces looking at Mark Reynolds' career. He is already third for all-time home runs in a Diamondbacks uniform and has the fourth-best career OPS by an Arizona player too. Add to that his increasing defensive prowess, and apparent position as a clubhouse leader, and it's no wonder he won the 2009 MVP award at the 'Pitties. He has been a solid fan favorite since his debut on May 16, 2007, and we have grown to love Reynolds, regardless of his strikeout numbers. So, here's how the rest of the week is looking to shape up [all scheduling is tentative, dependent entirely on the writers in question!]
  • Monday: Zephon looks at where Mark came from, and whether his minor-league numbers predicted the kind of hitter he has since become.
  • Tuesday: It's Reynolds' birthday, and soco will be looking at what Mark is best-loved for - those monstrous home-runs.
  • Thursday: kishi checks in, examining the startling improvement made in defense by Reynolds, and remembers some of his most spectacular plays.
  • Saturday: 'Skins (provisional) rounds off Mark Week with a miscellany of stuff: intangibles, quotes, and where Reynolds might go from here.