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Gameday Thread, #86: 7/8 vs. Marlins


Anibal Sanchez
RHP, 7-5, 3.35


Rodrigo Lopez
RHP, 4-7, 4.43

After getting swept at Chase by the Cubs in a three-game set, for the first time in franchise history, we now face the Marlins, in a battle of the newly-hired managers. They got rid of Fredi Gonzalez just a few days before we got rid of AJ Hinch, and the Marlins have gone 5-8 since - not good, but a lot better than the 1-5 we have managed since Kirk Gibson took over. And just in case you're wondering, the Marlins have never swept the Diamondbacks in a series at Chase either.

Line-up and stuff below the line

  1. Stephen Drew ss
  2. Kelly Johnson 2b
  3. Justin Upton rf
  4. Adam LaRoche 1b
  5. Mark Reynolds 3b
  6. Gerardo Parra lf
  7. Chris Snyder c
  8. Cole Gillespie cf
  9. Rodrigo Lopez p

No-one in the Diamondbacks line-up tonight is even hitting .270. Maybe they're wanting to see Anibal 'The Cannibal' Sanchez pitch a perfect game, so we can sell the (35,000 or so) unused tickets as post-perfecto souvenirs? The absence of Chris Young and Miguel Montero, and their replacements, make me think Gibson is angling for us to have six 10+ strikeout games in a row.

Dammit, I wasn't even on the recap last night and still ended up watching most of the game. How does it go? "The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results"? Maybe that needs to be the new tag-line for the site, since by that standard, most of us appear to be clinically mad. I will therefore, no doubt, end up watching the damn game again tonight, though I have some stuff to take care of first - SnakePit Towers v2.0 might be one step closer. But I daren't say any more on that for now, since it feels like mentioning a no-hitter somehow...