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Chris Young, 2010 All-Star

Congratulations, Chris Young, for making the 2010 MLB All-Star Game to be held in Anaheim, California on July 13th. This is Young's first All-Star selection. Thanks to Jdub220 for the notes:

What an amazing turnaround. Who thought Chris Young, coming off a .212/.311/.400 season in 2009, would be an NL All Star just one season later? Of course, it could be said that the D'Backs didn't really have an All Star worthy player this year. But I disagree. Chris Young deserved this.

A top prospect in baseball in 2007, Chris Young came with a lot of expectations. A solid season, a contract extension, and two disappointing seasons later, not many people had hope for him. He was a disappointment. A failed prospect. However, he's shut his critics up with a fantastic rebound to the tune of .264/.326/.481, with 15 homeruns, 57 runs batted in, and is 14/16 in stolen bases in 2010. He's also 5th among NL centerfielders in wOBA, WAR, and 4th in UZR. There's not too many centerfielders with this combination of power, glove, and speed in baseball.  He's been great this year.

He's seems to have become what we all thought he could be.