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Gameday Thread, #81: 7/3 vs. Dodgers


Clayton Kershaw
LHP, 7-4, 3.19


Rodrigo Lopez
RHP, 4-6, 4.42

Ok, beating Kuroda was one thing, but can Gibson pull off another feat and get Arizona a series win against Los Angeles? Last night did snap a 43-game streak of the Diamondbacks being held to single-digits by the Dodgers, and was our best offensive output against the West-coast window-cleaners (it's those white hats...) since September 2007. But it has been a while: we have exactly one series victory over LA since April 2008, having gone 1-10-3 against them since that point.

A somewhat surprising line-up, and more, after the jump

  1. Chris Young CF
  2. Tony Abreu SS
  3. Justin Upton RF
  4. Chris Snyder C
  5. Mark Reynolds 3B
  6. Rusty Ryal 1B
  7. Cole Gillespie LF
  8. Augie Ojeda 2B
  9. Rodrigo Lopez RHP

Kelly Johnson was a late scratch - I'm thinking Gibson didn't realize he batted left-handed [the whole throwing righty may have confused him]. I mention this because, looking at the line-up, it appears entirely devoid of any left-handed hitters against southpaw Kershaw. As well as Johnson, Montero, Parra and Drew are all conspicuous by their absence from the line-up.

And Snyder batting clean-up? That didn't happen at all in the Hinch administration. In fact, the last time Chris was in the #4 spot, was September 12, 2006, and that was only as a pinch-hitter. His only at-bat was in September 2005, and I couldn't find any case of him starting a game there. Mind you, if it works as well as shifting Chris Young to the top of the order i.e. five RBI, then I can hardly complain. If it doesn't, however... Anyway, here's an audio clip of Gibson explaining why [hat-tip to unnamedDBacksfan]

Not going to be easy: Kershaw beat us back in April. But if we manage to pull it off, I will happily raise a cup of the Kirk Kool-aid, and toast the series victory. Hopefully this game won't run too late, and I can get to bed at a civilized time post-recap.