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Gameday Thread, #101: 7/28 vs. Phillies


Edwin Jackson
RHP, 6-9, 5.01


Roy Halladay
RHP, 11-8, 2.28

Tankapalooza 2010 Standings

Rk Tm W L W-L% GB
1 Orioles 31 69 .310 -
2 Pirates 35 64 .354 4.5
3 D-backs 37 63 .370 6
4 Mariners 39 62 .386 7.5
5 Astros 41 59 .410 10
6 Indians 42 58 .420 11
  1. Stephen Drew SS
  2. Kelly Johnson 2B
  3. Chris Young CF
  4. Adam LaRoche 1B
  5. Miguel Montero C
  6. Mark Reynolds 3B
  7. Rusty Ryal LF
  8. Gerardo Parra RF
  9. Edwin Jackson RHP

Up against Halladay today, a bit of a tall order - hence cramming every left-hander with a pulse we can find into the line-up. Justin Upton's hip has indeed got him the afternoon off (he will be available off the bench if necessary), with Parra moving over to right and Ryal getting another start in left. It's been more than six years since we faced Halladay - back in June 2004 at the Skydome in Toronto, and the Blue Jays clubbed us 15-4 that day. Only LaRoche, Johnson and Abreu have any experienced against him, and are a collective 1-for-11. Dbackinsider just tweeted that, tonight is the first time since 1991, pitchers with no-hitters earlier in the season will have faced each other.

Not that I'll be about. Azrecap tonight, so we're having Philly cheesesteaks (more by accident than design, I believe) and watching British TV (Doctor Who and Being Human). Still, I'm fairly confident Tankapalooza will proceed as planned today, even without me.