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SnakeBytes, 7/27: Heading East Edition

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Despite what we might wish for, we've still got games to play. About two months of them. We'll start the post-Haren era with a visit to the reigning two-time NL Champs, though the Phillies currently sit 4.5 games out of first place in the east, and in third place in the Wild Card race.  They're probably hoping to make up some ground in this series, but we did take two out of three from them when they visited Chase in April.  Of course, our two winning pitchers from that series, Kris Benson and Leo Rosales, have both been on the DL for months.


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DBacks News:
  • [FoxSportsArizona] D-Backs now shooting for 2013 - By 2013, however, the prospects we got in this trade, and the haul from the 2009 draft, should be close to ready -- to me, that's a realistic goal for the ship in the desert to be turned around.  Depressing, but realistic.

  • [] From Start to Finish, Diamondbacks Struggle With Dan Haren Dealings - Also has some thoughts from Joe Garagiola Jr., on trading for Curt Schilling in 2000.

  • [AZCentral] A couple things about Dipoto and wins - "I don’t think Dipoto needs anyone to explain to him that winning percentage maybe isn’t the best way to statistically evaluate a pitcher’s performance. What Dipoto wants to do is create a culture around this club that’s similar to that of consistently strong organizations like, say, the Los Angeles Angels. He wants everyone to feel like they’re a part of something bigger than themselves, like they’re all building something together, like winning is expected when they arrive to the ballpark, etc."

  • [Diary of a Diehard] Diamondbacks Hold Town Hall Meeting - "The goal going into this trade deadline is to make deals that will help to bridge the gap from the major league level to the lower farm system in order to strengthen the team and set them up to have a continual flow of talent from the minor leagues to the major league."

  • [] Trade Buzz: More moves likely for D-backs - The team would still like to move catcher Chris Snyder and reliever Chad Qualls and are open to dealing first baseman Adam LaRoche. In addition, they will listen to offers on right-hander Edwin Jackson. "If we could get a player back that could help at the Major League level immediately as well as help restock the farm system we would listen," Hall said of a possible Jackson deal.

  • [] New D-backs pitcher Saunders brings experience but also concerns - "I'm just excited to get started with the Diamondbacks." Good to hear that from the Colonel, and obviously hopefully things work out for everyone.

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