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AZ SnakePit Fantasy Baseball, Week 16

The reaction to the Haren trade has so far been distinctly mixed - but more on that later today. For now, we are more concerned about trades of a far-less meaningful nature, and the results those have on the fantasy standings. Here are the numbers, with the standings and upcoming games after the jump.

Division One
NiceCrispyBacon 7, Baked 3
Sofa King Juiced 6, Confederate Generals 4
Shoryukens! 8, 7-2 Offsuiters 2
Funny Team Name 8, Balco's Boys 2
AZ SnakePit 1, Moving on Uptons 7
Blonde Streaks 4, Lady Gaga Regatta 6
The Fighting Amish 5, warlords 5

Division Two One-A
Dante's Revenge 6, Chazzwozzles 3
Scratch My Ichiro 8, The Cardboard Boxes 2
Yiddish Pimp Slap 7, Spaghetti Monsters 3
Mizzoula Osprey 6, Tempe Prangers 2
Gotham City Knights 6, The Septimoes 2
Wimboes Barmy Army 6, Dharma Initiative 3
PhoenixFly 5, Sprankton 5
Alabama Slammers 10, Gang of Nine 0


NiceCrispyBacon 7, Baked 3
An all-round solid performance from Bacon, who hit .306 with a 3.38 ERA on the week. Matsui hit three home-runs and drove in six runs, while Young scored seven runs; on the mound, Jurrjens had a W + 13 K's. Baked hit .316 while their Young stole four bases.

Sofa King Juiced 6, Confederate Generals 4
Generals pitched well, with a 2.06 ERA and 1.05 WHIP, but didn't get enough of the other categories: Feliz had four saves. For Sofa, Bautista homered twice and drove in nine, while Cuddyer scored seven; Sabathia anchored their pitching staff, posting a W + seven K's.

Shoryukens! 8, 7-2 Offsuiters 2
Shoryu swept pitching - no surprise given a minuscule 1.02 ERA and 0.74 WHIP - eight shutout innings and a Win from Kuroda were the key, with Papelbon saving two. On offense, Fielder homered twice for them, while Weeks had three HR and seven RBI for 7-2.

Funny Team Name 8, Balco's Boys 2
Funny had no problems rolling over Balco's, hitting .314 with ten homers and a team ERA of 2.25. Reynolds had three homers and drove in six, Beltre had two HR + six RBI, and Johnson fanned 11. Balco's got five Runs and two stolen-bases from Pena.

AZ SnakePit 1, Moving on Uptons 7
Runs and Saves ended tied, but outside of Wins, where Snake got six (two for Rodriguez), it was all Uptons, despite Stewart getting three HR for Snake. Player of the Week Ramirez led the way, with four HR and ten driven in; McCann had eight RBI and Soria two Saves.

Blonde Streaks 4, Lady Gaga Regatta 6
Lady collectively hit .327, with Soto homering three times and Cabrera twice, the latter also having nine RBI. However, Streaks got two HR + eight RBI and 10 Runs from Teixeira. Bell (Lady) saved three, while Baker got a W + nine K. Wilson saved four for Blonde.

The Fighting Amish 5, warlords 5
The week's closest game saw Amish have an offensive edge, but this was countered by war's edge on the mound. Amish got three HR + seven RBI from Votto, but two Wins from Hunter led war's fight-back. They took BA by .001 to secure the tie. Soriano saved three for Amish.


Team W L T PCT GB Streak
Moving on Uptons 91 60 9 0.597 0 W1
The Fighting Amish 85 61 14 0.575 3.5 L2
7-2 Offsuiters 77 71 12 0.519 12.5 L2
AZ SnakePit 77 71 12 0.519 12.5 L1
Sofa King Juiced 78 73 9 0.516 13 L1
warlords 79 74 7 0.516 13 W2
Funny Team Name 72 72 16 0.500 15.5 W1
NiceCrispyBacon 73 74 13 0.497 16 W2
Baked 74 77 9 0.491 17 L2
Blonde Streaks 72 77 11 0.484 18 L2
Lady Gaga Regatta 71 78 11 0.478 19 W2
Confederate Generals 67 81 12 0.456 22.5 W1
Shoryukens! 69 84 7 0.453 23 W2
Balco's Boys 61 93 6 0.400 31.5 L1

Week 17 Games
Baked at The Fighting Amish
Balco's Boys at AZ SnakePit
7-2 Offsuiters at warlords
Sofa King Juiced at Blonde Streaks
Moving on Uptons at NiceCrispyBacon
Lady Gaga Regatta at Shoryukens!
Confederate Generals at Funny Team Name


Dante's Revenge (65-87-8) vs. Chazwozzles (40-92-18)
DR secured himself the sweep of hitting with almost everyone getting 2RBI. Cha was supported in the pitching department by Wade Davis(2W, 7K, 1.88ERA) en route to winning 3-1-1 pitching win for Cha.

Scratch My Ichiro (82-61-7) vs. The Cardboard Boxes (63-77-10)
SMI took 4 points from both the hitting and pitching columns to take the 8-2 win this week against TCB. Rickie Weeks (7R, 3HR, 7RBI) and Delmon Young (2R, 2HR, 11RBI) led SMI while not much went well for TCB. He recently declared a fire sale and hopefully the new players will do better than his departed players.

Yiddish Pimp Slap (78-64-8) vs. Spaghetti Monsters (72-66-12)
This was a SLUGFEST with a total of 30 Home Runs, 75 Runs and 75 RBI's between the two teams with Aramis Ramirez (5R, 4HR, 10RBI) for YPS and Mark Teixiera (10R, 2HR, 8RBI) for SM led the way. Pitching was very close as well with YPS winning W, SV, and WHIP by 1W, 2SV, and .14WHIP. Heath Bell had 3 SV for YPS and Carl Pavano pitched a 5 hitter for a career high 7 straight wins.

Mizzoula Osprey (87-56-7) vs. Tempe Prangers (79-64-7)
A rather poor showing hitting-wise for TP as he fell easily to MO 0-4-1 in the hitting category. MO was led by a balanced attack from everyone. Jimmy Rollins (4R, 5RBI, 2SB) and Adrian Beltre (3R, 2HR, 6RBI, 1SB) TP tied W and lost WHIP by only .01. Max Scherzer and Francisco Liriano both pitched 7 scoreless innings for MS.

Gotham City Knights (81-56-13) vs. The Septimoes (72-67-11)
GCK took 6-2-2 win behind Michael Young (7R, 3HR, 4RBI) and 5SV from Francisco Cordero and Rafael Soriano. Matt Cain led TS with 1W, 9K in 8 innings and Leo Nunez(1W, 1SV, 5K).

Wimboes Barmy Army (50-84-16) vs. Dharma Initiative (67-74-9)
Pedro Valdez(7R, 4HR, 8RBI) led WBA to the 4 points in htting while Jose Bautista(3R, 2HR, 9RBI) kept his great hitting season up. WBA had great performances from Jair Jurrens(1W, 13K) and John Danks(1W, 8K). Josh Johnson kept his Cy Young season up with 11K, and a 1.42ERA.

PhoenixFly (71-65-14) vs. Sprankton (56-86-8)
A good 5-5 split between these two as Sp took 4 points in hitting and PF took 4 points for pitching. PF was led by Tommy Hunter(2W, 4K) and Jonny Cueto (2W, 10K) while Sp was led by Miguel Cabrera(5R,2HR,9RBI) and Dan Uggla(6R, 2HR, 6RBI).

Alabama Slammers (88-47-15) vs. Gang of Nine (59-74-17)
GoN just didn't put up a fight this week and got SWEPT 0-10 by the league leader AS. Hunter Pence(4R,2HR,7RBI, 1SB) and Martin Prado(6R,2HR,2RBI) carried AS while all his starting pitchers performed solidly.

Good week in fantasy after the all-star break. Playoff positions are falling into place but there is still enough time left for someone to really do some damage in the standings. Tune in next week as we find out if anyone can stop Alabama.

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