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Gameday Thread, #99: 7/25 vs. Giants


Tim Lincecum
RHP, 10-4, 3.18


Barry Enright
RHP, 2-2, 2.66

Well, our starter has the better ERA, by more than half a run, so I guess that means we have the edge in the pitching match-up this afternoon... Yeah: er, about that... Enright has been good, but he is going up against the two-time reigning Cy Young winner, even if Lincecum has shown himself to be less than immortal, with a prosaic ERA over the past month, in five starts, of 4.35. Still, anyway reckon it'll be easy today? Thought not.

Line-up and stuff after the jump.

Ok, no line-up yet. It's still too early, and I probably won't be about until first-pitch. As I write this, SnakePit Towers v2.0 is going through it's formal inspection, and we have to head over there in a little while to get the report from the inspector - basically, the thumbs-up or down as to whether we buy the place. It looks okay to me, but we've been to this stage before, only to have the floor yanked out from under us [actually, more nibbled out from underneath us - termites were one of the major issues in the last place]. So I am trying not to get too excited. Ah, whatever... Wheeee!

Kishi gets to recap this, and we actually did handle Lincecum pretty well when we faced him earlier this season - we got to him for five runs in the fifth, though he got the no-decision, as the Giants had a five-run inning of their own later, before Arizona scored the winning run on a wild-pitch. We were helped by Timmeh walking five that day, so we'll see if he is as wild again this afternoon. Enright has, as noted earlier in the week, been very solid so far, but still, he only has four games in the majors. It says a lot about the team's performances this series that we have to turn to him to try and avoid the sweep.

I might pop back in later and see how things are going, but wouldn't rely on it. Maybe Kylie Minogue will show up to assist The Wiggles? We can but hope.