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Gameday Thread, #97: 7/23 vs. Giants


Jonathan Sanchez
LHP, 7-6, 3.42


Edwin Jackson
RHP, 6-8, 4.96

Jody Jackson tweeted, "Clubhouse prankster took Haren's name off locker n cleaned it out." I think it's safe to say that the media focus of tonight's game may not entirely be on the contest between the lines, with the rumors circulating at an ever-increasing pitch regarding Dan Haren's trade, and possible destinations. It promises to be an interesting weekend: maybe I should just prepare a "Dan Haren traded" story, and just fill in the blanks as appropriate. But there is still baseball to be played...

Seems that everyone has got distracted, and no-one has actually bothered to post a line-up at this point. There will be nine non-Harens taking the field for the Diamondbacks. That's all I got. Things don't exactly promise to get any easier for the Arizona hitters this evening, after getting shutout by the San Francisco pitchers last night. Sanchez allowed two hits in five innings last time he faced the Diamondbacks, and in his past three starts against us, is 3-0 with a 3.38 ERA in that time. However, he didn't get through six frames in any of those games, and walked seven batters in 16 innings, so that may be a chance there.

Jackson faced the Giants at the end of May, but got what we should probably call a "Lopez Loss", after last night. He allowed three runs over seven innings, but got no run support at all, with Arizona being shutout. Last night was the Diamondbacks 44th quality start of the season - the team still has a losing record in these, being 21-23 - mostly because in 18 of those games, the offense has scored two runs or less. We'll see if we can get a tally mark on the right side of the scale tonight.

Hey, I'm back on the recap... I think, if I'm reading 'charmer's Recap Flow Chart right, anyway... It's Friday, 'charmer has plans, but my ennui appears to be in check. Mrs. SnakePit is getting take out from Pei Wei, so I'll be chowing down on that, then watching the game as I write my review of Inception. Hey, maybe this 2010 season is all a dream? Now, where did I put my totem...