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Gameday Thread, #92: 7/18 vs. Padres


Edwin Jackson
RHP, 6-7, 4.92


Kevin Correia
RHP, 5-6, 5.26

Tankapalooza 2010 Standings

Rk Tm G W L W-L% last 10
1 BAL 90 29 61 .322 5-5
2 PIT 90 31 59 .344 2-8
3 ARI 91 34 57 .374 2-8
4 SEA 91 35 56 .385 1-9
5 HOU 91 37 54 .407 5-5
6 CLE 91 37 54 .407 5-5

  1. Chris Young CF
  2. Kelly Johnson 2B
  3. Justin Upton RF
  4. Miguel Montero C
  5. Adam LaRoche 1B
  6. Mark Reynolds 3B
  7. Stephen Drew SS
  8. Gerardo Parra LF
  9. Edwin Jackson P

Not much to add - Jackson and Correia each started twice against the other team during the early burst of contests, but didn't face each other. Edwin went 0-1, but pitched well enough in his outing, allowing three runs in eleven innings of work; the Padres' pitcher went 1-1 with four runs in 11.2 frames, so it seems about equal based on that. Of course, the Diamondbacks are now looking like a team who can't wait for the season to end, while the Padres are still embedded at the top of the division, despite everyone else's belief they will fall off, if we just wait long enough.

Having been outscored 20-6 by them in the first two games of the series, it doesn't seem that will be happening anytime soon. I will probably keep half an eye on this one, but as it's a socorecap today, I reserve the right to do something more enjoyable if things go "bosoms up," shall we say, at any point. I have some root-canal work I've been putting off. I think that probably qualifies...