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SnakeBytes, 7/18: Loss Leaders

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Another day, another defeat, as Tankapalooza 2011 really begins to gather momentum. Maybe it's time to start putting our draft rank for next year in the recap header, rather than our win total? Here are the details of the latest loss, and after the jump, word of a three-homer performance from a Diamondback - bring him up to the majors immediately!


Team News

  • [FanHouse] Hitting Eckersley Easy Compared to Kirk Gibson's Newest Challenge - "Take it for what it's worth, but Gibson has gained support from within the clubhouse. "The team's looser, more energetic," said one Diamondbacks insider. "Gibby's been good."" Well, isn't that nice...
  • [] Kennedy to have innings limit in second half - "The team is targeting around 180-185 innings for him. To accomplish that, Gibson will try to keep from pitching him deep in games during the second half. "If he has a great game, it's possible we'll let him go, but we're not going to extend him very often," Gibson said."
  • [AZCentral] Jackson downplays high pitch count - "I still feel normal," said Jackson, who has allowed nine runs in 10 innings in his past two starts. "But even if I was hurt, I wouldn't tell y'all. I wouldn't even tell the trainers. I'm old school with it. If it's something I can deal with, I'll deal with it."
  • [NickPiecoro] Thoughts on Loux and the international market - "Certainly, developing players out of Latin America is something the Diamondbacks need to do better. After the Carlos Gonzalez/Miguel Montero/Gerardo Parra class, there’s been a huge dropoff. And who was the last solid starting pitcher they’ve developed out of Latin America?"
  • [] Eric Groff has three-homer game in Pioneer League - "One-time Northern Lebanon High School star Eric Groff is quickly making the Arizona Diamondbacks scouting staff look like geniuses. Groff, a 44th-round selection in last month's free-agent amateur draft, crushed three home runs Friday night for the Missoula Osprey of the rookie Pioneer League."

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