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SnakeBytes, 7/16: Play Ball (Again) Edition

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Baseball!  Finally!  Yeah, I know, it's weird that even though our team is awful and I'll probably spend at least part of the evening complaining about how they're playing, but I'm still looking forward to seeing them play.  Yes, the bizarre attitudes of a baseball fan.

We'll start our second half in pretty much the same way we started the first half- facing off against the Padres, with Dan Haren taking the mound for us and Jon Garland pitching for the Padres.  We won last time after beating up on Garland for 6 runs in 4 innings, so here's to some more of that.


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Series opener, and the start of the second half.  Let's start it off on a good foot and see some improvement over the last couple months, and maybe see if we can ruin someone else's season.