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SnakeBytes + Game Day Thread, 7/12: Derby Talk Edition

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Ah, the All Star break.  We've got four days off now, four days to relax and recover from the frankly disappointing play we've seen on the field. 


Are you ready for the home run derby?  I hope so, because once you hit the jump, you're going to get a bunch of links about it.

Chris Young set to lead off Home Run Derby. The batting order will be: Chris Young (ARI), Vernon Wells (TOR), Corey Hart (MIL), Nick Swisher (NYY), Matt Holliday (STL), David Ortiz (BOS), Hanley Ramirez (FLA) and Miguel Cabrera (DET). Open Thread for the Derby, kicking off at 5pm!


DBacks News:

Around Baseball:

Chris Young heads into the home run derby this evening- according to Steve Gilbert, CY is nervous.  No worries, Chris.  You just carry all our hopes and dreams on your shoulders.  You know, no pressure.