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AZ SnakePit Fantasy Baseball, Week 14

We reach the half-way point in the season, and in Division One at least, things remain largely open - on three of the 14 teams are more than seven points out of a playoff spot, and as we've seen, that can easily change in only a round or two. This week, we see the second whitewash of the season, and as a result, there's a chance at the top of the standings. Quick results are below, details, league table, etc. after the jump. Division Two to follow whenever I get the info.

Division One
Baked 7, Funny Team Name 3
Shoryukens! 8, NiceCrispyBacon 2
7-2 Offsuiters 2, at Lady Gaga Regatta 7
Blonde Streaks 6, The Fighting Amish 4
Moving on Uptons 10, Confederate Generals 0
Balco's Boys 3, Sofa King Juiced 6
warlords 3, AZ SnakePit 7


Baked 7, Funny Team Name 3
Baked should thank Crawford, as his four home-runs, eight runs + nine RBI, definitely save them from a much tougher time. As was, they took four hitting points and a W + eight K's from Pavano let them hold on in pitching. Funny got ten strikeouts from Lowe.

Shoryukens! 8, NiceCrispyBacon 2
Four hitting, four pitching categories for Shoryu, who coasted to victory as a result. At the plate, Damon had two long-balls and drove in six, while Hamels was their ace on the mound, getting a W and 11 K's. Howard produced two home-runs and six RBI for Bacon.

7-2 Offsuiters 2, at Lady Gaga Regatta 7
Lady used strong pitching - a collective 2.70 ERA for the week - to take victory. Santana had two wins and ten K's, and Cordero's two Saves also proved crucial. Cabrera had two HR + eight RBI, and they hit .316 for the week. 7-2's Swisher homered twice and scored six Runs.

Blonde Streaks 6, The Fighting Amish 4
Streaks trailed on offense but a 2.13 ERA and 1.00 WHIP helped them roar back in pitching, to take the week's closest game. Teixeira and Holliday combined for nine HR and 19 RBI, while Sanchez got a W + 12 K. For the Amish, Floyd won twice, and Nunez three Sv.

Moving on Uptons 10, Confederate Generals 0
The Uptons surged to top-spot with this comprehensive defeat of the Generals, and none of the categories were close. Four HR, nine RBI and 10 Runs from Ramirez led the offense, while two complete games from Halladay anchored the pitching. Soria had three Saves.

Balco's Boys 3, Sofa King Juiced 6
Hitting was evenly split, each side winning two - HR were tied at 10. Balco's had Player of the Week in Quentin, who has six HR and 11 RBI. But Sofa took pitching, behind Sabathia (two Wins, 11 strikeouts) and Lincecum (Win + 10 K's). Wagner saved three for Balco's.

warlords 3, AZ SnakePit 7
Snake piled up 13 homers, with five, and 10 RBI, from Dunn. Stewart had two HR and drove in nine, but BA went to Snake by just .0003. war had more success on the mound, where Weaver notched 13 K's and Street three Saves. Snake got a W + 12 K's from Kershaw.


Team W L T PCT GB Streak
Moving on Uptons 79 55 6 0.586 0 W16
The Fighting Amish 73 54 13 0.568 2.5 L2
7-2 Offsuiters 70 61 9 0.532 7.5 L5
warlords 71 63 6 0.529 8 L2
Baked 70 63 7 0.525 8.5 W2
AZ SnakePit 69 63 8 0.521 9 W2
Sofa King Juiced 66 65 9 0.504 11.5 W2
Blonde Streaks 66 66 8 0.500 12 W2
Funny Team Name 60 65 15 0.482 14.5 L2
Lady Gaga Regatta 61 68 11 0.475 15.5 W5
NiceCrispyBacon 60 68 12 0.471 16 L2
Confederate Generals 57 72 11 0.446 19.5 L10
Shoryukens! 59 75 6 0.443 20 W2
Balco's Boys 56 79 5 0.418 23.5 L2

Week 15 Games
AZ SnakePit  at Baked
The Fighting Amish at Shoryukens!
Blonde Streaks at 7-2 Offsuiters
Confederate Generals at Balco's Boys
Funny Team Name at Moving on Uptons
Sofa King Juiced at Lady Gaga Regatta
NiceCrispyBacon at warlords

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