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SnakeBytes, 7/11: The Circle-K Edition

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Mark Grace feels the dark side of the force last night...
Mark Grace feels the dark side of the force last night...

Sorry if this is a little slow: in the spirit of yesterday's Eighties Night, I'm doing this through AOL dial-up. Still, a win's a win, regardless of the era. Here are the details of the victory, and after the jump, some news from our minors, a suggestion the Rockies might be [gasp!] cheating, and info on who's singing the anthem at the All-Star Game on Tuesday.


  • [] Snyder's blast caps win over Marlins - "We have some good arms down there," Snyder said. "They just need some confidence, and I guarantee you Guti got some tonight." "He came right in and got right to work," added Gibson. "That's what we're looking for. "We don't have a defined closer right now. Do we want to have a defined back-end? Of course we do. But we're not there yet."
  • [AZCentral] Diamondbacks edge Marlins - After the game, Gibson talked to Qualls. "I said, 'Hey, I know it's hard,' " Gibson said. "I've been through it, and I have. In 1983 - go look it up. I've been booed by more people than that. I understand how it feels, but all I can do is encourage him to continue to try and throw the ball and work his way through it. He's not a bad guy. He's trying as hard as anybody on the whole team. That's one of the crappy things about being a professional athlete right now for Chad."
  • [Yahoo!] Snyder hits two-run shot in D-backs' 5-4 win - "The game, at times, matched the peripheral peculiarity. Arizona had a rare 5-6-3 putout in the fourth inning, when Cody Ross’ liner bounded out of Reynolds’ glove right to Drew at shortstop. Florida first baseman Gaby Sanchez and second baseman Dan Uggla botched a popup in the fifth inning when they collided, but still got the forceout at second."

Team News and Notes

  • [FoxSportsArizona] Barret Loux Injury? - "D-Backs’ No. 1 draft pick Barret Loux failed the a team physical exam, according to a source in the scouting community. "We love the player," Dipoto said. "The scout grapevine runs rampant some times. We won’t make any comment until we are through with negotiations." While it remains almost certain he will sign, the size of his signing bonus could be affected by an adverse medical finding."
  • [AZCentral] Haren looking for strong second half to season - "I know second halves have been a struggle for me in the past, but this year has kind of been different," he said. "I was throwing the ball like crap to start the year and I was winning games. Now I'm throwing real well and can't buy a win. That's just the way it goes. I'll keep throwing the ball well and good things will happen."
  • [] Worth noting - KMLE's 'Tim & Willy' wrote a song entitled "It's Your 'Stash" about Gibson and his famous facial hair. Gibson's reaction: "There's so many lines I like in that, it's silly."
  • [AZCentral] Montero more confident in throws - "I feel like I'm in my rhythm again," he said. "I feel like I felt back in the minors, when nobody could run on me. I kind of lost that a little bit, got away from it, but I feel like it's back again. My arm is good; my footwork is good. I just try to make a good throw every time."
  • [D'Backs' Venom] One Week with New Manager Kirk Gibson - "It is still difficult to evaluate Gibson’s managerial tendencies, since there have not been many close games during the past week... But there are a few things we have learned in the first week."
  • [] Reno Aces' grades are in - "With the all-star break just a day away, how did the Aces find themselves in their current position — 15 games under .500 and in last place in the Pacific South Division? In an attempt to explain how, here is the midseason report card."
  • [] Undrafted Missoula Osprey catcher lights up Pioneer League pitchers "From his first start for the O's on June 24 - a day in which he went 3 for 4 - until July 6, Richie hit in 13 straight games to open his professional baseball career. "I was impressed with the way he was hitting the ball when I first saw him and knew by the way the ball came off his bat that he seemed like he was going to have a chance," said O's hitting coach Jason Hardtke." It's also one of the odder signings we made, a "brother package" with Robby, our third-round pick.

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