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SnakeBytes 6/5: It's a Walk Off!

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The morning is always better after a Diamondbacks win, especially when it snapped a 10 game losing skid, and doubly especially when it was a walk-off win after losing four straight walk-offs.  Sure, we may have celebrated like we just won the division, but given the recent doom and gloom from the fans, FO, media, and team, it was well deserved.

Not a ton of news today, oddly enough.  We have some recaps and team news, a quick look around the league, and orange mocha frappuccinos!

Diamondbacks Recaps and News

Arizona Diamondbacks rally past Colorado Rockies, end 10-game skid
The D-Backs finally found a way to win on Friday; 7-6 over Colorado.

Rockies blow lead in ninth, fall 7-6 to Diamondbacks - The Denver Post
In the hottest place on Earth, summer has become a time for dreams to melt away. There was a chill at Chase Field, the Arizona Diamondbacks frozen in place, owners of a double-digit losing streak that has all but knocked them out of playoff contention and put heads on the chopping block. [ed. - Geez, Denver Post, slather on the dramatic writing, why don't you?]

Arizona Diamondbacks' Dontrelle Willis eager for debut
Dontrelle Willis knows he's getting a second chance by coming to the Diamondbacks.


Arizona Diamondbacks' A.J. Hinch shoulders blame for poor start
Diamondbacks manager says he is 'not going to run from our reality,' plus more.

Gonzalez taking D-backs deep - The Denver Post
Carlos Gonzalez always figured his best games would involve the Diamondbacks. He just didn't think it would come against them. Once Arizona's top prospect before he was shipped to Oakland in the Dan Haren trade, Gonzalez clobbered his fourth leadoff home run of his career Friday. All four have come against the Diamondbacks.

Around the L

 Here’s a Fun, New Way to (Allegedly) Lose Your Yankees World Series Ring -- The Sports Section
And a team-issued phone, too.

Braves on top of NL East, but no one counting out division champs - Ryan Fagan - MLB - Sporting News

The Phillies are, to say the least, dealing with a different situation than the Braves. The bottom has fallen out in Philadelphia—their division lead, which reached as many as five games on May 17, has disappeared.

Indians CF Sizemore has knee surgery, out for year - Associated Press - MLB - Sporting News


SBJ: MLB Network seeks to raise profile of draft - Eric Fisher, SportsBusiness Journal - MLB - Sporting News

Great, more awful draft coverage.

Hollywood Royalty Invades Royals Game, Will Ferrell Harasses Bruce Chen - Andy Hutchins - The Sporting Blog - Sporting News
Hilarious videos of Will Ferrell and crew in the dugout of the Royals.

Does MLB have a PR problem? - SweetSpot Blog - ESPN
Good stuff from Rational Pastime about competitive balance. The big finish: So there you have it--based on win distributions, the MLB is clearly the most balanced American sports league...

Twins not yet serious about improving - SweetSpot Blog - ESPN
Not much depth on the Twins' AAA roster.

And that's it!  Today is Snakepitfest 3, where we'll see Dontrelle Willis make his Sedona Red debut against those hated Rockies.  Hopefully we'll still be celebrating tomorrow morning