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SnakePitFest v3.0: Saturday at Chase - DontrelleDebutThon

  • Got the tickets for Saturday's game. As previously, we'll be handing them out at Slider's from about 3pm. We'll be outside somewhere, probably close to the outside fence - keep an eye out for SnakePit jerseys or sign.
  • Once you pick up your ticket, you can go in, collect your batting helmet (!) and then return as you wish. We'll be there until close to 5pm, about ten minutes before first pitch.
  • The theme this year will be Hawaiian. Shirts, etc. We debated the merits of honoring a particular player e.g. handing out the CoJack unibrows, but let's be honest, a 58 OPS+ is not really deserving of celebration.
  • We have a couple of spare tickets at the moment, so if anyone wants to show up at the last minute, these will go to the first people to email me.
  • Any questions? Otherwise, see you on Saturday!