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SnakeBytes, 6/30: Evening Edition

So, we end June as we ended May, scoring four runs, but with a much better result this time.  Funny how seeing the bullpen not fail us really turns things around for a team, isn't it?  Someone should pass that along to the team, see if we can't make a habit of it.


The advantage to afternoon games is that it means I don't do SnakeBytes in the mornings.  The disadvantage is that, tomorrow morning, I'll wake up and look at all the stories I find and realized I posted them today.  Whoops.

DBacks News:

Around Baseball:

Your Daily Strasburg

Well, with another Manny pregnancy joke- like Tulowitzki's triples, they will never get old- that's all for another SnakeBytes.  Travel day tomorrow, so we can relax on the win, and look ahead to the Dodgers series this weekend.  Go DBacks!