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Hatchling Report: Starting Pitching

Today I thought we'd look at some of the starting pitchers in the Diamondbacks' farm system. 

Despite having to take a year off from pitching due to Tommy John surgery, Parker remains our top pitching prospect, and top prospect overall. Jarrod's recovery is actually going (from what I can tell) faster than most had expected. He's at 75-80 percent and he's been throwing off the mound twice a week for the last month (As mentioned in yesterday's SnakeBytes). I wouldn't hold my breath on him getting on the mound this summer, but he'll more than likely see some action in the Arizona Fall League. Even if (and that's a big IF) he throws well, and gets control back fairly quickly, and has a ridiculous spring training, I don't think he's very likely to make the big league rotation out of the gate next year. I think the most likely scenario is that he starts next year in Reno, and then gets called up in June if he's dominating the minors. I think the Diamondbacks should be conservative with Parker, and not call him up until he's shown that he has nothing left to prove in the minors.

But everyone knows Jarrod Parker. The rest of the Diamondbacks' starting pitching prospects after the jump.

Chase Anderson (born 11/30/1987) has absolutely rocketed up the Dbacks top prospect list since being drafted in the ninth round of last years draft. At this point, I consider him to be our best pitching prospect not named Jarrod Parker. According to Anderson himself, he patterns his game after Timmeh Lincecum. I don't think his upside is as high as Timmeh, but he could probably end up being a solid two or three starter. In 38.1 Innings pitched at South Bend, Anderson posted a 2.82 ERA, a 31:9 strike-out to walk ratio, and a complete game shutout. In the 34 innings he's pitched since being promoted to Hi-A Visalia , he's had a 2.65 ERA, with a 39:8 strike-out to walkratio, with a ridiculous 1.16 FIP. Combined across two levels, his FIP is 2.03. He's given up a total of two homers in 72 innings pitched. 

Drafted in the second round of the 2009 draft, Eric Smith (born 10/15/1988) is 5-3 in 69.0 innings pitched for Class A South Bend, with a 2.74 ERA(3.21 FIP), 52:23 strike-out to walk ratio, and only 3 HRs allowed, along with a complete game. In addition he's got a solid 1.83 GO/AO ratio.  He has a heavy sinker that's got some serious drop to it. For a great article on Eric Smith, I'd suggest you read this article (which was written by Snakepit expat IHSB). You'll find a great write up, along with some video of Smith pitching.


Wade Miley

Drafted in the 1st round of the 2008 draft with the 43rd overall pick, Wade Miley is a left handed pitcher who was supposed to move quickly through the farm system. Instead, his ascension has been slow and steady. In 80.1 innings pitched in Visalia, Miley posted a 3.25 ERA(3.49 FIP) with a 50:37 strike-out to walk ratio, and only one home run allowed. In his first start since being promoted to AA Mobile, Miley threw seven innings, giving up no runs, and striking out eight, while walking one. Miley's ceiling is probably that of a number three starter, but he's most likely to end up being a 4th/5th starter.

Michael Belfiore

Drafted in the first round of the 2009 draft with the 43rd overall pick, the 21 year old lefty began his professional career by dominating the pioneer league to the tune of a 2.17 ERA to go along with a 55:13 strike-out to walk ratio. This year he's been slightly less dominating, with a 3.88 ERA with a 59:27 strikeout-walk ratio. His 3.18 FIP suggests he's been a tad unlucky this year. Belfiore was a closer in college, but was converted to starting after being drafted. His ceiling is probably that of a middle of the rotation starter.

Drafted in the 12th round of the 2009 draft, Brewer(born 4-7-1988) has dominated the Midwest League in his 69.0 innings pitched with a 1.83 ERA(2.33 FIP) and a 78:20 strike-out to walk ratio. He's was my sleeper pick going into this year, and I think he could be  a solid second or third starter. He was recently promoted to Visalia, but has yet to make a start.

Bryan Augenstein


Don't think you've heard the last from Bryan Augenstein, who has been royally screwed by bad luck this year. He's got a 5.89 ERA even though he has a  3.38 FIP and a  71:28 Strike out to walk ratio.  Once his ridiculous .537 BABIP falls back down to earth, he'll look a lot better.

Collmenter (born 2-7-1986) has had a crazy season. He started out the year in Hi-A Visalia, where he went 2-0 with a 2.40 ERA with a 21:3 strike-out to walk ratio in 15IP.. Promoted to AAA Reno, he posted a 4.70 ERA in 4 starts with a 18:9 strike out to walk ratio. Then he was demoted to Mobile, where he's had a 1.68 ERA with a 41:15 strikeout to walk ratio in 48.1 innings pitched. He's been named minor league pitcher of the week two weeks in a row this year, back in May. His FIP combined across all three levels is 2.98.

Scottie Allen


One of two high school pitchers the Diamondbacks drafted in the 2009 draft(the other being Patrick Schuster) , The eighteen year old(until July 3rd)  Scottie Allen has more then held his own in the Midwest league, with a 5.25 ERA and a 32:13 strike out to walk ratio. His 3.17 FIP suggests he's pitched better than his ERA suggests.

The son of former major leaguer Mark Eichhorn, Kevin Eichhorn was drafted in the third round of the 2008 draft. The Diamondbacks have limited the 20 year old's innings since he's been drafted. Kevin's era across two levels is a lackluster 8.03 in his 12.1 innings, but he's go a 1.53 combined FIP to go along with a 10:0 strike-out to walk ratio. Has a relatively high ceiling, but he needs more innings before we can really pass judgement. Definitely a guy to keep an eye on.

One of two high school pitchers drafted in the 2009 draft, the left handed Patrick Schuster (born 10/30/1990) is famous for having thrown four consecutive no-hitters in high school. Assigned to rookie-level Missoula, Schuster's season has just started, as the Pioneer league is a short season league. In 10 innings pitched he has a 2.70 ERA with a rather lackluster 4:6 strike-out to walk ratio. Keep an eye on this guy.

Barry Enright (born March 30th, 1986) was drafted in the second round of the 2007 draft. Assigned to Mobile this year, Enright has dominated the Southern league in 93.2 innings  with a 2.88 ERA(3.02 FIP) and a 83:15 strike-out to walk ratio. He doesn't have the highest of ceilings, probably no better than a third or fourth starter.

And two other guys worth mentioning: 

Diogenes Rosario, a 21 year old pitcher of the Dominican Republic who's posted a 2.58 ERA with 40:12 strike-out to walk ratio. Rosario has been in South Bend's bullpen, but has recently been given a spot in South Bend's rotation.

Matt Torra has a 3.96 ERA with a 45:15 strike-out to walk ratio in 91.0 IP for AAA Reno.

Well, that's it for today. Not sure what the next article will be about, so make some suggestions in the comments.