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Gameday Thread, #76: 6/27 vs. Rays


Rodrigo Lopez
RHP, 3-6, 4.59


Wade Davis
RHP, 5-8, 4.90

Another day, another bizarre start-time. 1:40pm - not 1:05 or 1:10, but 1:40. Still, at least I know I won't be getting this one up late, as I'm writing it the night before, so I don't have to get up too early tomorrow. Well, I might just be surfacing a little bit, to watch the England-Germany game: the idea was mooted of going to the Rose and Crown, but it's one thing to do that when I have to go to work anyway, and quite another when it involves getting up and heading across town for no other reason. Soft, fluffiness it is, then...

  1. Johnson/2B
  2. Drew/SS
  3. Upton/RF
  4. Montero/C
  5. Young/CF
  6. LaRoche/DH
  7. Ryal/1B
  8. Parra/LF
  9. Abreu/3B
    + Lopez/RHP

No line-up as yet, for obvious reason, but I'm sure one of our stalwarts will post it shortly. Mark Reynolds gets the day off, with Abreu playing third base, and Ryal gets the start at first for LaRoche to DH. It's a kishirecap, and due to the earliness of the game, I'll be posting your Sunday SnakeBytes at some point after the recap, probably late afternoon. I am also working on a piece about pitch counts, but amn't sure if that'll be ready to be posted this evening or not. Stay tuned, and I'll see in the comment thread for the penalty shoot-out, after which I can join the rest of the country in largely ignoring soccer football for the next four years...