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SnakeBytes, 6/26: Edwin Jackson Edition

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I have to admit- when I said, in yesterday's SnakeBytes, that the Uptons weren't the only storyline, I wasn't expecting Edwin Jackson to be quite this much of a presence.  If you watched the game, you know what we saw.  If you didn't, I can only assume you're waiting to hear when it'll be replayed on FSN Arizona or MLB Network.  No news on that as of the moment I'm typing this, but I'm sure we'll hear something soon. 



DBacks News:

Around the Vuvuzela:

And a change in our regularly scheduled programming- today, instead of a li'l bit of Strasburg, we give you:

Your Daily Jackson:

Yeah, he gets another link.  You throw a no-hitter, and I'll give you your own section of SnakeBytes the next day.

Well, that was a pretty incredible game.  Ian Kennedy faces off against the Rays, and- oh, I feel like there was something we were talking about before this game.  Something about that lady with two halves of a jersey sewn together?  Oh, well, I'm sure it'll come to me.  Go Dbacks!