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Gameday Thread, #73: 6/23 vs. Yankees


Javier Vazquez
RHP, 6-6, 5.01


Dontrelle Willis
RHP, 1-0, 4.20

After last night, and in particular the disaster which was the eighth inning, we are no longer going for the sweep, but trying to avoid losing a series at home. With Dontrelle "Wild Thing" Willis on the mound. Yeah... I've decided to go back to being deeply pessimistic, it seems to work better. Believe we are on for an azreouscap this evening - if his computer hasn't gone up in flames, or something like that - so, at least it should be "interesting." Whatever that means.

Line-up after the jump

  1. Kelly Johnson 2B .267
  2. Stephen Drew SS .268
  3. Justin Upton RF .259
  4. Miguel Montero C .413
  5. Chris Young CF .274
  6. Adam LaRoche 1B .255
  7. Mark Reynolds 3B .218
  8. Gerardo Parra LF .269
  9. Dontrelle Willis P .500

Well, I was going to do a detailed analysis, but there's no time, having got distracted by putting together the "Gonzo retirement" post. Not sure how much I'll be about, as I've got to finish off the Mark Reynolds piece, and might get distracted by this list of 100 Greatest Non-English Language Films. I'll probably give it a couple of innings and see how we are doing...