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Hatchling Report, 6/23: Nine Offensive Prospects


There hasn't been a hatchling report in a while, so I thought I'd do something in that department. Today we're going to look at some of our better offensive prospects. More after the jump.

Currently hitting 294/373/494 with 20 doubles, a triple, and 9 homers to go along with a 23/65 BB:K ratio. The walk to strikeout ratio is actually better than it looks, considering how few walks Davidson drew in the beginning of the season. His OPS is 169 points better than the midwest league's average of .698. In addition, at 19 years old, he's 2 years younger than Midwest League's average age of 21. Could he be the third basemen of the future? He's looking like a better hitter than Bobby Borchering right now, although if Borchering develops more as a hitter, Davidsoncan always end up at first or in left field.


Hitting 311/425/358 with 5 doubles, two triples, and a much improved 30:45 BB:K ratio. The power isn't there, but the improved on base percentage and plate discipline is a breath of fresh air. His OPS 783 OPS is slightly better than the .722 league average. Linton could be the center fielder of the future. Could be ready to be in the majors as soon as next year.

Currently hitting 299/347/533 with 23 doubles, a triple, 13 homer and a BB:K ratio of 21:76 in 274 ABS. Last year in 287 ABS he had a 334/408/638 with 27 doubles, 3 triples, 18 homers, and a 36:74 BB:K ratio. His 879 OPS is 123 points better than league average. Great power numbers, but he does need to work on his plate discipline. He could make Brandon Allen just a stopgap solution at first base, especially if he continues hitting like he has. At 22, he's at the right age to be in the Cal league. Could be ready for the major leagues by 2011/2012


Hitting 287/362/446 with 14 doubles, 3 triples, 7 homeruns, 30:63 BB:K ratio and  has an OPS 66 points better than league average. Like Goldschmidt, he's the right age to be in the Cal league. I invision Krauss as the left fielder of the future. If he doesn't have any struggles, he could be ready for cup of coffee in the major leagues next September.

The 25 year old(26 in August) is leading the mobile baybears in hitting with an overall line of 314/346/484 with 12 doubles, a triple, 6 homers, and a 7:26 BB:K ratio. Schmidt has a reputation as being solid defensively as catcher, and he could end up being the backup catcher of the future if John Hester and Sean Coughlin don't pan out. He's a little old, but catchers tend to take a little longer to develop, so i'll give him a pass on that.

Chris Owings. Shortstop, Mid-A South Bend

Hitting 298/323/447 with 19 doubles, 2 triples, and 5 home runs. Owings' 770 OPS doesn't look that impressive at first, but once you consider his age(18 until August), his position(Shortstop), and that the league average OPS is only 698, it becomes quite apparent. The only area that Owings has really dissappointed is with his plate disciple: he's struck out 50 times, while walking only 9 times. Could be the shortstop of the future, but he won't be ready for a couple years.

He hasn't exactly lit the world on fire, but the Dbacks' 19 year old number one pick of last years draft has been slightly above average this year, hitting 252/327/400 with 13 doubles, 8 homeruns, and a solid 27/58 BB:K ratio. His 727 OPS is 29 points better than league average. Could be the third basemen of the future, but he's going to have to outplay Davidson and Ryan Wheeler.

Wagner Mateo, Center/Right Field, DSL Diamondbacks
Currently hitting 234/347/422 with 9(7 doubles, triple, homer) of his 15 hits going for extra bases. In addition he has been successful 5 out of 6 times on the base paths and he has a 11:17 BB:K ratio. Although his .769 OPS doesn't seem that impressive at first glance, it is once you consider the fact that the league average OPS for the Dominican Summer League is .651 and that Mateo is only 17.
Currently hitting 245/403/449 with 8 doubles, 2 triples, and 6 homers in 147 ABS. His plate discipline has been impressive, as he's walked almost as much as he's struck out (37:40 BB:K ratio). His season has been shortened by injury, but it's good seeing him play well after coming back. His presence should make trading Adam LaRoche less painful.


Next time we'll look at some of the better pitchers in our farm system.