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SnakeBytes, 6/23: Irked Edition

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Dan Haren doesn't need the help of Jobu.
Dan Haren doesn't need the help of Jobu.

See?  I told you optimism never pays off.  And you guys just didn't listen.  Or maybe my sage warnings were drowned out by the sound of pain and torment that everyone let out when we went to the bullpen yesterday.  Either way, they were totally there. Not that we all didn't see tragedy coming when we went to the bullpen.


Head past the jump for most stories and what's irking me today.

DBacks News:

Okay, here's what bothers me: On the page we use to write these posts, we have a panel which gives us a lot of AP photos to use- that's where we get our fancy pictures that accompany our writing.  It's a great thing to be able to do, and I'm very appreciative of it.  But the annoying bit?  Flipping through the photos from last night's game, I find that I have as many photos of Dan Haren pitching last night (two) as I have pictures of Amar'e Stoudamire in a Yankees hat.  Now, if I want to give you a picture of Derek Jeter standing around the dugout, I've got options- four, to be exact.  I guess that's what the photographer thinks people want to see, really. 

Anyway, that's just a complaint for today.  It's a complaining type day, I guess, that's what the bullpen will do to your spirits.  Meanwhile, here's some more:

Around Sports:

Your Daily Strasburg:

  • [] Guillen calls Strasburg "Starborough" - I don't know why, but I find Ozzie Guillen entertaining. Maybe because I only hear about him once a month, but something makes me laugh about a guy who's all about his own hype trying to act like he doesn't know about the Strasburg hype.

And those are your links for the day.  Rubber match of the series tonight, and then a travel day tomorrow means we don't have to deal with the bullpen on Thursday.  Which is fantastic, because I never could get the hang of Thursdays.  Here's to a good game tonight, and go DBacks!