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SnakeBytes, 6/22: Big Win Edition

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"Hit me on the elbow, will they?"
"Hit me on the elbow, will they?"

Hey, all that optimism I had yesterday paid off!  No, really, I was optimistic.  Don't go back and read yesterday's SnakeBytes, just trust me on this one.  It was dang near prophetic how optimistic I was.  Just call me Nostrakishi.

Okay, fine, maybe I wasn't that optimistic.  Maybe that was Justin Upton.  But the point is, we won.  A big win, an enjoyable game, and it all turned out for the best.  So that's what matters, right?  Right.


More awaits you after the jump.  Assuming I stop being distracted by Ninja Warrior and finish typing this.

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That's your links for today.  Round two against the Yankees starts tonight, with Haren facing off against Andy Pettitte.  Pettitte hasn't made a start in Chase Field since Game Six of the 2001 World Series, so I'm all in favor of giving him some deja vu.  Go DBacks!