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Gameday Thread, #54: 6/2 vs. Dodgers


Edwin Jackson
RHP, 3-6, 6.0


Carlos Monasterios
RHP, 2-0, 2.20

Arizona will try this afternoon to avoid only the third double-digit loss streak in franchise history. Both previous versions happened during the 111-loss season which was 2004: we lost eleven in a row from June 18-29, and capped that by dropping fourteen in a row from July 9-25. Overall, the team lost 32 of 37 contests during the spell, which is why I am not currently too concerned about our record currently being close to the 2004 one, because by far, the worst was yet to come in that season. That said, if we could manage to win one game on the road-trip, I'd really be very grateful.

Line-up and some thoughts after the jump

  1. Kelly Johnson 2b
  2. Ryan Roberts lf
  3. Stephen Drew ss
  4. Justin Upton rf
  5. Adam LaRoche 1b
  6. Rusty Ryal 3b
  7. Chris Young cf
  8. John Hester c
  9. Edwin Jackson rhp

Three quality starts by our pitchers since Sunday; three losses for the Diamondbacks. I guess it's better to have one part of the team clicking than none at all, which seemed to be the case earlier in the streak. But it has really been the offense which has been to blame for the losing streak, posting a line that has now sunk to .190/.256/.300 over the past nine games, with only 21 Diamondbacks crossing home-plate. Rhe resulting average of six hits and 2.3 runs per game won't win you many contests, regardless of how well you pitch.

We'll be looking to see if Edwin Jackson can continue his signs of life. Over his past three starts, he has thrown 22.2 innings, and allowed only eight earned runs (a 3.18 ERA), with 28 strikeouts over that time. That's been more like the Jackson we expected to get when we traded for him from the Tigers, but his seasonal ERA is still on the wrong side of six. Be nice to get that corrected this afternoon.

Azreous is fleeing the state, last night's game apparently having been too much for his delicate sensibilities. No, he's actually driving to Colorado, which means I get the joy of recapping this creature. It may not be one of my more detailed recaps, since it'll be getting done in my lunch-break, which I am bravely delaying until after the game - I'm going to the SB Nation Meet at Majerle's after work, so won't be doing anything much tonight except celebrating the end of the losing streak or drowning my sorrows as it reaches double-digits.