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SnakeBytes, 6/17: I Don't Have a Funny Title For This Edition

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First note for you today: remember that the DBacks-Red Sox game has been moved an hour earlier, because Boston fans apparently don't have picture-in-picture or something.  So: DBacks-Red Sox is a 3:10 AZ time start this afternoon.  Just a reminder.

And here's your stories for the day.


Seriously, most of the recaps I found went on about Pedroia.  Ugh.  Anyway, more news after the jump.

DBacks News, And I Promise Not All Of It Is Depressing This Time:

See?  I didn't have to end on a down note.  Look, it's the best I got today.

Around the League:

And, finally, Your Daily Strasburg:

You fools, he's getting away!