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Gameday Thread, #66: 6/16 vs. Red Sox


Rodrigo Lopez
RHP, 2-5, 4.45


Jon Lester
LHP, 7-2, 3.18

Our run against a very tough starting rotation continues tonight, as we take on Jon Lester. Lester is looking to recover from one of his worst outings of the season after giving up six runs in six innings to the Cleveland Indians last week. For the team from Phoenix, the Green Lantern can take just shake his head and sigh- Lester will be the first pitcher Lopez has matched up against with an ERA over 3 since he faced Chad Billingsley on May 10. If Lopez wants to pick up his first win in over a month, the Red Sox certainly won't make it easy.

The line-up for your Arizona Diamondbacks, after the jump.

Arizona Diamondbacks
1 - Kelly Johnson - 2B
2 - Tony Abreu - SS
3 - Mark Reynolds - 3B
4 - Adam LaRoche - 1B
5 - Chris Young - CF
6 - Miguel Montero - DH
7 - Justin Upton - RF
8 - Rusty Ryal - LF
9 - Chris Snyder - C
And Rodrigo Lopez - RHP

Chris Snyder comes in to catch, moving Montero's bat to DH. Also perhaps a view of the future, with Tony Abreu in at shortstop, giving Drew a day off. Rusty Ryal in left continues the trend of keeping Parra from facing lefties on the mound, and other than that, much the same line-up you usually see.

First pitch is in about ten minutes, so settle in for another late afternoon edition of Diamondbacks baseball.