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AZ SnakePit Fantasy Baseball, Week 10

Putting this one up late, seeing as it's an off-day - I wanted to give the 2011 roster thread a bit of space for discussion purposes, and was also waiting for the Tier 2 standings. Here are the quick results, and as usual, details and standings are after the jump.

Division 1
Baked 4, Sofa King Juiced 6
Shoryukens! 4, Balco's Boys 5
7-2 Offsuiters 5, AZ SnakePit 5
Blonde Streaks 8, Confederate Generals 2
NiceCrispyBacon 7, The Fighting Amish 3
Lady Gaga Regatta 4, Funny Team Name 6
warlords 7, Moving on Uptons 2

Division 2
DHARMA Initiative 9, Tempe Prangers 1
Dantes Revenge 6, Wimboes Barmy Army 4
Chazwozzles 3, Sprankton 7
Spaghetti Monsters 4, Alabama Slammers 5
Scratch my Ichiro 9, PhoenixFly 0
The Septimoes 8, Gang of Nine 1
Gotham City Knights 5, Yiddish Pimp Slap 4
Mizzoula Osprey 4, { ! } 5


Baked 4, Sofa King Juiced 6
Sofa turned in a pitching performance for the ages, racking up nine wins and 81 strikeouts. Strasburg, Lewis and Haren each had two W's, with Strasburg getting 22 K's. At the plate, Sofa got three HR and seven RBI by Gonzalez; Baked, four HR and seven RBI from Dunn.

Shoryukens! 4, Balco's Boys 5
RBI ended level at 23 apiece, and that was enough for Balco's. They got a pair of victories each from Kazmir and Hughes, and on offense, eight runs driven in by Uribe. Shoryu had three homers by Fielder, and Hunter also had six RBI in a losing cause for them.

7-2 Offsuiters 5, AZ SnakePit 5
Nothing to separate these two. 7-2 batted .333 for the week, with Reyes homering twice, while Oswalt picked up a Win and nine strikeouts. But Snake hit back with two HR and seven RBI in by Guerrero, while Qualls picked up two saves, despite a week's ERA above 20.

Blonde Streaks 8, Confederate Generals 2
A fairly easy win for Blonde, though HR and W were only decided by one point apiece. Cano hit .455 and scored nine Runs for Blonde, who also got three Saves from Wilson, and W + 10 K's by Niemann. Granderson drove in six RBI for the Generals, along with a homer.

NiceCrispyBacon 7, The Fighting Amish 3
Despite two homers and eight RBI from LaRoches, leaders Amish dropped their third game in four rounds, but retained top-spot. Bacon dominated pitching, with three saves from Fuentes and a Win and 11 K's by Lilly, who allowed one run over sixteen innings.

Lady Gaga Regatta 4, Funny Team Name 6
Funny swept all the hitting categories, with Lady continuing to play two men short: Reynolds had three homers and Posada drove in nine for Funny. Gallardo also picked up 17 K's for Funny, but Lady held on, with three starters each going seven and allowing two ER for them.

warlords 7, Moving on Uptons 2
Some close categories here, e.g Uptons taking BA by just .0015. Still, things mostly went warlords' way, with Cain picking up a pair of victories and Wright having a two HR, eight RBI week. Ludwick had three HR for Uptons, and Capps delivered two of their three Saves.

Team W L T PCT GB Streak
The Fighting Amish 55 37 8 0.590 0 L1
7-2 Offsuiters 55 41 4 0.570 2 W1
warlords 52 43 5 0.545 4.5 W3
Blonde Streaks 51 44 5 0.535 5.5 W4
Moving on Uptons 50 44 6 0.530 6 L3
AZ SnakePit 50 45 5 0.525 6.5 L1
Baked 50 45 5 0.525 6.5 L2
Sofa King Juiced 48 46 6 0.510 8 W2
Funny Team Name 42 45 13 0.485 10.5 L2
NiceCrispyBacon 42 49 9 0.465 12.5 W1
Confederate Generals 40 51 9 0.445 14.5 L4
Balco's Boys 43 54 3 0.445 14.5 L1
Shoryukens! 39 56 5 0.415 17.5 W1
Lady Gaga Regatta 38 55 7 0.415 17.5 W2

Week 11 Schedule
Baked at Moving on Uptons
Shoryukens! at Confederate Generals
7-2 Offsuiters at NiceCrispyBacon
Blonde Streaks at Funny Team Name
The Fighting Amish at Sofa King Juiced
Lady Gaga Regatta at AZ SnakePit
warlords at Balco's Boys


DHARMA Initiative 9, Tempe Prangers 1
The biggest shock of the week, if I do say so myself, was a 9-1 beating laid upon second-ranked Tempe by DHARMA. Greinke (DHARMA) returned to form, hurling a complete game, three-run, 12 strikeout performance, while no Tempe pitcher managed more than eight K's. Newly-acquired BJ Upton (DHARMA) swiped three bags on the week, while Ryan Theriot (Tempe) swiped three while batting .438.

Dantes Revenge 6, Wimboes Barmy Army 4
The struggles continue for the Army, dropping their sixth straight weekly matchup, dropping their record to 1-8-1 on the year, going winless in their last nine weeks. David DeJesús (Revenge) led all everyday-starters with a .381AVG, while the Army's new duo of Jay Bruce and Scott Rolen combined for 4R, 1HR, and 6RBI, a pair that was acquired for Pablo Sandoval from { ! }. Danks (Army) threw seven innings of one-hit shutout ball, while Clayton Richard (Revenge) threw seven innings of one-run ball.

Chazwozzles 3, Sprankton 7
The battle of of the 14/15 teams gave way to the higher-ranked Sprankton, sending Chaz to the cellar once again. Jonny Gomes (Chaz) helped take RBIs, accumulating 11 of them while hitting two homers in the process. Miggy Cabrera (Sprankton) batted a measly .136, but still managed 2HR and 4RBI. Niemann (Sprankton) brought home a Win along with ten strikeouts, while King Felix delivered a 14-strikeout, one-Win week in two starts in his final week with Chazwozzles before being shipped off to DHARMAville.

Spaghetti Monsters 4, Alabama Slammers 5
Although the matchup wasn't the blowout you'd expect (pitting the first-place Slammers against the .500-hovering Monsters), it was good enough to keep Alabama in sole possession of the league lead. Josh Hamilton (Spaghetti) put up ridiculous numbers all around: 7R, 4HR, and 13RBI, all while batting .370. No Alabama hitter had more than one home run. Jesus himself Stephen Strasburg (Alabama) struck out 22 batters en route to his two Wins, while Jered Weaver (Spaghetti) rung up 13 over two starts with one Win to show for it.

Scratch my Ichiro 9, PhoenixFly 0
Ichiro's pummeling of Phoenix was enough to shoot them up a few spots in the rankings, and it was a slugfest all around. Carlos Peña reverted to monster form for Ichiro, belting four homers (all solo shots) while Austin Kearns (wait, who?) belted three of his own to go along with six ribbies For Phoenix. Jason Kubel (acquired in a trade for CY by Phoenix) hit two himself. Strikeout machiens Yovani Gallardo and Dan Haren (Ichiro) combined for 31 strikeouts, while Kershaw (Phoenix) struck out ten. Also, my sympathies to Phoenix, who decided to start Qualls each day this week.

The Septimoes 8, Gang of Nine 1
Nine's struggles continue, as they drop their fourth consecutive weekly, with this week being the worst matchup of the streak. Chase Utley’s (Nine) lackluster play surely didn’t help, despite being Nine’s first-round, fourth-overall pick: just three runs and a single RBI while batting .158 on the week. Five Septimoes had multi-HR weeks, as Ludwick leading the pack with his three on the week. Matt Cain led the Septimoes staff with two Wins, a 0.56ERA, and a 1.12WHIP over two starts, while Lirano and Millwood combined for 21K’s to salvage at least one category for their team.

Gotham City Knights 5, Yiddish Pimp Slap 4
And the thunder roooo-, er, rather, the streak rolls on for Gotham, as they win their eight consecutive weekly matchup and remain undefeated on the season. Instead of highlighting players here, the only writeup that would do Gotham’s pitching staff justice is to simply list their insane stats: 10 Wins, 70 Strikeouts, a 2.30ERA, and a 0.92WHIP. Poor Yiddish never stood a chance. At least Dunn and Fielder (Yiddish) combined for seven home runs... right?

Mizzoula Osprey 4, { ! } 5
A bit of a surprise here, as fourth-ranked Mizzoula falls to the team formerly known as Fox Hound. { ! } had a lot of new pieces to play with after a few roster shakeups: Young, McCutchen, Span, Tabata, Liván, and Carmona, all who performed pretty well this week, the best of which being CY, who went off for six Runs, three homers, four RBIs, and three steals. Colby Lewis also added fifteen strikeouts for { ! }. Oswalt (Mizzoula) performed admirably with nine strikeouts in a winning performance and a sub-1 WHIP, while Swisher (Mizzoula) drove in nine.
Alabama Slammers
Gotham City Knights
Scratch my Ichiro
Mizzoula Osprey
Tempe Prangers
The Septimoes
Spaghetti Monsters
DHARMA Initiative
Yiddish Pimp Slap
{ ! }
Gang of Nine
Dantes Revenge
Wimboes B. Army

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