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Gameday Thread, #63: 5/12 vs. Cardinals


Adam Ottavino
RHP, 0-1, 5.06


Dan Haren
RHP, 6-4, 4.83

I'm really glad I skipped last night's game, in which we left about two-thirds of a major-league roster on the base-paths. It would have been an immensely frustrating experience, I'm sure. Anyway, not much time before first pitch, so after the jump, you'll find the line-up and not much else.

  1. Kelly Johnson 2B
  2. Conor Jackson LF
  3. Stephen Drew SS
  4. Mark Reynolds 3B
  5. Adam LaRoche 1B
  6. Chris Young CF
  7. Justin Upton RF
  8. Chris Snyder C
  9. Dan Haren RHP

Going out for dinner after work, so may be late to this party, but will be back in time to do the recap. Maybe tonight, we can score 16 runs and leave two men on base. That'd be nice...