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Gameday Thread #62: 5/11 vs. Cardinals


Jaime Garcia
LHP, 5-2, 1.47


Rodrigo Lopez
RHP, 2-4, 4.27

I think if Rodrigo Lopez ever gets to go up against an opponent whose ERA is anything close to league average, he will be made to pitch blindfold as a counter-measure. Because the 2010 Rodrigo Lopez Tour of Cy Young Nominees continues this evening with him facing the man who has, largely single-handed, kept my fantasy team afloat this year, and made me look like a frickin' genius for picking him off the waiver wire in May. So, if we get shutout tonight, I will have that small crumb of comfort.

Line-ups and stuff after the jump

  1. Kelly Johnson - 2B
  2. Conor Jackson - LF
  3. Justin Upton - RF
  4. Mark Reynolds - 3B
  5. Adam LaRoche - 1B
  6. Chris Young - CF
  7. Chris Snyder - C
  8. Augie Ojeda - SS
  9. Rodrigo Lopez - P

Ok, no line-up available from the usual sources at this point, so you'll have to make do. It's a 'charmerecap this evening, and I don't think I will be about much, having recapped three of the past four games and attended the other! Mrs. SnakePit is not feeling too well either, so I think a quiet, non-baseball oriented evening is likely in prospect and an early night to follow. Nothing wrong with that every once in a while...

Lopez faced the Cardinals on April 19th and did well, pitching seven innings and allowing two runs, but only getting a no-decision. He has kept Fat Albert in check to date - he's hitless in eight at-bats. It's former D-back Felipe Lopez who had his namesake's number best, having gone 4-for-7 with two home-runs. The Cardinals just got swept in Los Angles for the first time since 1988: that will either mean they are slumping, or will come into Arizona with all guns blazing. So, whatever happens... I told you so.